Thursday, June 17, 2010

Watch My Garden Grow

First - If you are a woman you should really read this post over at All My Yesterdays:

So - with the rain and intermittent sun we've been getting, the garden is growing. Of course, so are the weeds :( Have to get in there with the tiller and hoe tomorrow, after Hubby sharpens the hoe for me. Here is what everything looks like so far:

Raspberries - just planted these a couple of weeks ago and it looks like this one will get berries! What?

Do you plant a garden? What's in it?


  1. I don't plant a garden, but my parents do, they're growing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. I love getting fresh veggies!

  2. You're going to yield some goodies this year! Everything looks really healthy, Audrey!

  3. Your garden looks good!

    I didn't plant any edibles this year. Only flowers. LOL

    I tell people my garden rows are so clean, I never have to hoe them. They ask me how that can be. I tell them the grocery store keeps the vegetable row pretty clean! LOL

    Have a wonderful Thursday Audrey :-)

  4. Looks great! I only have a perennial garden, no veggies yet. Someday, though!

    : ) Maureen

  5. My corn is VERY high already. It's not normally this high, but we have alternating days of rain and sun. Gourds are coming up nicely, but...the deer are getting my berries, the little rascals.

    Hope you're having a good week!


  6. I haven't planted a garden in years it just got to be too much work for me along with everything else. I really miss having one though. My dad always planted one and there's nothing that can beat going out and picking a tomato straight off the vine and sitting down and eating it :)

  7. ::Sigh:: I wish I could have a garden ... We live in a little town in an upstairs apartment so we don't really have a patch of dirt to call our own :(

    We buy local produce from the farmer's market down the street which is second-best I think!


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