Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pictures from Graduation

Well - Yesterday was a beautiful day for Graduation. It wasn't to hot and the sun was shining :) Now if only the ceremonies could be shorter! There were 93 grads, so 2.5 hours later we were done. I managed to take a few photos in between, will have to wait for my sister-in-law to email me a few more, but here's a sampling of our day:

Waiting for diplomas:

Looking spiffy :)

Logan and Luke:

All of us:

Logan with some of his friends, yes one of them is wearing a kilt, no he's not Scottish.

There must be quite a few boys missing, but here's the majority of them.

We are very happy the last child is done! :)
Well - high school that is. Logan is looking for a job as a Diesel Mechanic Apprentice. He took Diesel Mechanic's as a Vocational course, so he has a good start. Here's hoping/praying that he finds a job soon.


  1. Congrats again to your son!!! I do hope he finds a job soon!!

    I love your top in the photo, by the way. Very cute!

  2. Congratulations to Logan and to you and Mr. Audrey :-) on getting them graduated!!! I cried when my youngest graduated. It was the end of another chapter in my life.

    I love the thumbs up picture. Spiffy for sure! You have good looking boys. So that can only mean one thing...DIL's on the way!!!!

    Praying he finds a job fast!

    Again congrats!

  3. Congrats Logan!!! He looks so handsome in his suit. Good job Audrey at raising a fine young man :)

  4. What handsome boys, Audrey; you must be so proud!

  5. A beautiful family on a lovely day. Thank you for sharing with us. There were 942 in my graduating class; be glad you only had 93.

    Hugs - Marie

  6. What handsome fellows!!!

    I'm so glad you had good weather for this. We went to a ceremony a couple of weeks back, and it rained us out!

    Enjoy your week!



  7. congratulations!!! and best wishes for him..:)

  8. Looks like you had such a great day! I was soooo glad when my youngest was done. I was ready to move on!

  9. Big congratulations on the graduation! Finally done, and now he'll just have to find a job, so lots of luck for him!

    Seems like it was a lovely day indeed!

  10. Congrats to Logan once again. Best wishes to him the job hunting. Those graduation ceremonies do seem to take forever to get through.

  11. Congratulations! I think you took some wonderful photos.
    I sincerely hope he finds a job too.
    God Bless

  12. Congratulations! Such a handsome family, Audrey.

  13. Hello Audrey!! How are you? :)
    I'm sorry for haven't stoped by earlier to say hello, I've been very busy these days. I'm glad to have a little bit of time to say hello to all my friends.

    I wish you a wonderful weekend and a happy summer!!!

    Your portuguese friend,


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