Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Look What I Won!!

The winner of the 3 Bars of Soap from Heavenly Soaps was picked this morning!! Click HERE to see who won!!

Jill Shiels had a contest to win a set of banners and avatars for an Etsy shop. I Won!! I could either pick something from her shop, or she would make something just for me. Well - I love snowmen and because I live in Manitoba (we have snow almost 6 months a year), I thought it might be nice to have a winter themed set. Jill had it made in no time!! I couldn't believe how quick she was and I'm really really happy with the set she made. Of course I asked about fall themed sets, and she did say they would be coming soon - just have to wait for the kids to get back to school so she has time to design them. This is what she made for me.

Here are some samples from Jill's shop:

Jill has 2 other shops on Etsy:
Beads and Bobs were she sells bookmarks, keyrings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and much more! Amazing shop!!
The Hidey Hole were Jill has vintage items, patterns, supplies, and destash. Another wonderful shop for you to check out!!
Off you go!! What are you waiting for

Oh - Before you go - could you enter these give aways Please? Thanks so much!!

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  1. I love your new snowman winter themed banners! Snowmen are so cheerful and fun.

  2. Wonderful set of graphics! Congratulatiosn you lucky girl!


  3. wow, you're a real winner this week!

  4. Congratulations on your win! She did a great job! (I love snowmen, too.)

  5. Audrey, she did a fantastic job on that set for you!!

  6. How fun that you won! Love the cute little snowman sets. Will be nice to have changes.

  7. Wow, you are a busy woman. I can hardly keep up with one blog and you have like five. Thanks so much for you sweet comment today, you have a darling site!`

  8. cute snowman banner... seems suiting for us in The Great White North... although it more rain over here in Vancouver than snow. ;)

  9. Congrats on the win!
    Cute banners!
    6 months out of the year?!
    I would die, hahaha, I am such
    baby in the cold.

  10. she does great work! i love the snowmen too! turned out so cute!

  11. What a cute idea, to have a winter-themed shop! And she did such a nice job!

    Come check out my blog when you get a chance... you've been tagged!

  12. She did a great job! Congrats!

    The Speckled Pear


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