Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beads And Bobs

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Beads and Bobs is an amazing shop on Etsy. Jill has had this shop on Etsy since June. She also has an amazing graphics shop which I posted about below!! Both are wonderful shops. Jill lives in Scotland!

I've been interested in creating for as long as I can remember. My mum used to run an after school craft club which I would go to, then once I was too old I started to help run it instead. The love of making things has stayed with me and when I recently found myself out of work I decided to start up my shop and make what I enjoy doing part of my living.

I used to live in the city but a few years ago I moved to the Highlands of Scotland and now I am surrounded by mountains and forests. I think this has helped reinforce my love for natural materials such as the wood beads I use in some of my necklaces - these are probably my favourite items right now in my shop as I love the feel and colour they can offer.

For now my beads occupy me (so many on offer and so many ideas to get through!) if I do get to the point where I get a chance to diversify I would love to make my own paper and see what products I could produce using that.


  1. Such pretty color combinations in her shop!

  2. Thanks very much for featuring me! I'm busy needle felting beads at the moment and hoping to lauch new felted pieces very soon.

  3. Very nice! I like the black beaded necklace with the floral bead at the neck line :)

  4. An after school crafting club sounds like so much fun! I can see why she's so creative and talented. Her surroundings sound so lovely too!


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