Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Stuff

It's been a busy week! I have a few projects that need to get done this summer. We really need to till the garden, but everytime it's dry enough to get in with the tractor and tiller - it rains!! Supposed to rain again on Saturday, so today we will till whether it's dry or not. The weeds are starting to get out of hand.

~Apparently we've had "below normal" temps for the last 8 months. This week is going to make up for it!! This is the weather prediction for the next week.

~Just as a reference for those who think in Fahrenheit: 33C = 91.4F
That is about 20 degrees to warm for me. I know - there are many people who have been waiting for this warm (hot, humid, sticky, headachy) weather, but I'm not one of them.

~I bought some new soap from Bovine Bubbles and Hogwash. It's Clean Cotton. This is a wonderful gentle scent. If you have trouble with strong scented soap - this is for you! I think even Brad would like this one. I had just finished the Earth Child soap I was using, will definitely get that one again. Cara's soap lasts forever!! That's a good thing when you're paying for it, but not a good thing when you have 20 bars of soap to try. LOL
I mentioned in a post a while back that I had bought Cara's
Bug Lotion. We absolutely LOVE it!! Will not leave the house in the evening without it. By far the best Bug Lotion we've ever tried.

~Made this awesome Quiche on morning for breakfast!! The recipe can be found at Mennonite Girls Can Cook. I love this blog!! You can never have too many recipes. I realized that it wasn't Brad's favorite by the amount of ketchup he was putting on it. But I loved it and will make it again just for me! After all - I'm special too! LOL

~Did get some pickles made yesterday!! They are dill pickles. Wouldn't you know it - the weather gets hot and I have canning to do.

~One big project I have this summer is painting the shop. The 2 sides you can't see in the picture are done (except for the peak at the back). I started this end as you can tell. Apparently I will be painting the peaks from the bucket of the tractor. That should be fun - NOT!
Brad parked the trailer beside the shop so I don't have to do as much from the step ladder.

~I came across this amazing shop on Etsy called TyeJ. I've admired Tye's paintings for awhile and contacted him this week about having his mini on the sidebar of my blog. He agreed and will also be having a give away on my other blog in October!! Can hardly wait to find out where his inspiration and ideas come from! He also has a BLOG that is brand new. This is my favorite painting in his shop:

Please enter these two Give Aways I am hosting!! Just click you the picture to enter.



Well - I have to go shopping for shoes, bra, groceries. tools (christmas present), parts for one of the ATV's, and maybe some crafting supplies. Busy ,fternoon!!
Hope everyone has an awesome day


  1. Whew, that is alot going on!!
    Bra shopping, yuck. I always dread it.
    We had an amazing thunderstorm after a day of sticky 94 degree weather..so we are with ya!!
    I must admit I am one of those that loves the hot weather..I am miserable in the winter!

  2. Mmm... your pickles and quiche look yummy! You have been busy!

    The weather in Vancouver is all over the map... first we had a really log heat wave, and now its raining, but apparently the heat wave is coming back.. so confusing!

  3. I was so cold last week and wishing it wasn't so cold. but this is too warm! Don't we have anything in between?! and all the rain has wrecked havoc on my yard. I can't keep up with all the weeds this year! I think I've pretty much given up on the weeds and much to my dismay, I find myself actually kind of looking forward to winter! (And I hate how cold it gets in winter... again I just want mild, comfortable weather!

    How do you get so many etsy shops to do giveaways on your blog? I've thought about trying that myself, but I haven't yet!

    But I am having a tiny giveaway right now, with one of my own creations! :)

  4. hi thanks for your comment. I don't actually have an etsy shop yet, but someday soon, perhaps! (what you saw on my sidebar is a list of just some favorites from other shops!)

  5. mmmm pickles! my boyfriend loves dill pickles and I have been meaning to try my hand a making some.

  6. I DO love hot weather, but then hot is relative. I'm OK with 85-90 (F, that is).
    sounds like you are very busy with projects!

  7. You are so good at getting things done!! That quiche looks amazing! And I totally need to learn how to can stuff one of these days...

  8. Yum...quiche...must have! :)

    I'm new to your blog and I have to say it's great. I love this post because you managed to touch on food, under garments, weather, and more in one fell swoop!

    Off to check out you giveaways :)


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