Thursday, August 13, 2009

An Award

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Arlene from Harrison Hollow Designs has given my blog this wonderful award!! You really need to check out Arlene's SHOP. She has the most wonderful polymer clay items!! In fact - she will be having a give away on my other blog at the end of the month!!

Now I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and pass the award to 7 other blogs! That's not so hard! Ok - at least the rules don't say I have to come up with 7 "interesting" things about myself! LOL

1. I love to mow grass!! (good thing - it takes 2.5 hours twice a week lately)
2. Coke is my favorite soft drink (adding a little coconut rum works too)
3. I really Really REALLY don't like hot weather (give me 70F all year round and I'd be happy)
4. My crafting mojo seems to be gone (how do I get it back?)
5. I just started reading "SMOKE SCREEN" by Sandra Brown (so far so good)
6. I just bought myself some new steel toed boots and new walking shoes (my other ones were 12 & 8 years old respectively - so it was about time)
7. I had some leftover spaghetti noodles, so we had chicken alfredo with those noodles for supper yesterday. (why is it so hard to think of meals to make everyday?)

BLOGS I LOVE TO READ and will pass this award to:

Burnt Mill Candles (I actually have some of their amazing soap!!)
Splendid Little Stars (always has beautiful photos and wonderful posts)
The Soap Barn (have some lipbalm from this shop - YUM!! This blog is about way more than soap)
A Hen's Nest (a blog with give aways, recipes, reviews & surveys - never boring!)
Meg's Bags (I love bags!! She just started a give away!)
Holly Rocks (always a wonderful read about anything and everything!)
Teresa's Treasures (has really interesting posts on so many different topics and things happening in her life)

WOOT!! Now to let everyone know they won an award. Please check out each blog - you won't be disappointed.


  1. Well even if you don't think so, I found your facts very interesting. I've noticed my creative mojo has seen better days, and I really need it right now to prepare for the craft show season. Come back to us, mojo!!

    Thank you so much for passing the award to me! It makes me happy to know that you enjoy reading my blog. Yours is pretty awesome too!

  2. Well thanks so much for the award! Now, it may take me a while to find seven interesting enough things about myself to write about though. I thoroughly enjoy stopping by your blog too :)

  3. Congratulations on your award!

  4. Hey Audrey: What a nice award! Thanks so much! Will check out the other recipients while I try to think of 7 interesting things about myself. Your crafting mojo will come back( its probably not even really gone...just took a little vacation) Ideas pop up when you least expect them!


  5. Thanks for the award, Audrey! and the compliments! My creative mojo has mostly been in hibernation. This has been a particularly tough year for me so far. I am expecting my mojo to return, and so, I'm sure will yours.

  6. thanks for the award I will also have to think up things :)

  7. Congrats Audrey!

    I cannot believe you have to mow your lawn TWICE per week!! Crazy. Like you, I hate the heat...yet I'm stuck here in Texas...UGH. I'm addicted to Coke Zero...sans rum :)

  8. Thanks so much for the award! Its great to know my things are appreciated and liked! Your blog is great too! Now to think of 7 things... :0)

    Thanks Again

  9. Thanks for sharing more about you :) I'm with ya on the hot weather and the challenge of coming up with meals, lol!

  10. Hi Audrey!

    My crafting mojo is mysteriously missing lately too :( I haven't crocheted in months! or sewn anything, maybe I should step away from the computer! lol. I agree with you on the weather, 70 would be perfect!

    Thank you so much for the award! I will have to thin of something interesting to write!

  11. Hi Audrey I hope your crafting mojo hasn't gone too far away. Looking forward to seeing lots more of your lovely creations. Hugs. Emma x


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