Monday, August 31, 2009

Luke's New Tent & Give Aways

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Luke, my oldest, seems to have developed an interest in hiking/camping. Over the summer (thanks to a great summer job), he's managed to acquire some camping gear, and hopes to do some wilderness camping some time. Luke and Logan went out for one night in July, it was +8 in the morning. BRRRRR!!! I think I'll stick with my house or a cabin. LOL
Here are some pictures of Luke's new tent. It doesn't have a floor, rolls up into a tiny package the fits into the bottom of his camping gear backpack. He set it up here last weekend, so he and a buddy could "camp out" one night.

The Tent is bigger than it looks. It's a Sildome, by Integral Designs. Luke bought his at Mountain Equipment Coop. They happen to have one in Winnipeg, where Luke lives. I'm going to have to ask him to bring everything home this weekend and spread out everything in his pack on the floor so you can see what's all in it. Amazing what he's managed to fit into a medium sized backpack.

The winner of the
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Congratulations April!

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There are many great Give Aways coming in Sept!! Soap, bag, earrings, cards etc. Hope to see you entering a few of them!!


  1. I like camping, too, but have always considered myself a fair weather camper--that is temperatures above let's say 50. That being said I have tent camped in the summertime in places that are very warm or hot during the day, and very cold, much colder than 50, at night. As long as I've stayed in my sleeping bag, no problem; middle-of-the-night bathroom runs are another thing altogether. But evenings spent in the cool summer air around a warm crackling campfire--wonderful!

  2. I would totally camp in that temp! I love anything that isn't Texas hot...and is above zero :) I love the shot of his feet poking the wicked witch of the east! With your awesome backyard, it's no wonder he wants to camp.

  3. That tent looks so small!

    I think your previous commentors are thinking in degrees F not C. :) I don't like to be cold either! (though I also don't like to be hot. I'd rather be in between, just comfortable)

    Sorry I haven't got your notebook done yet, the last week was busy with a funeral and a wedding, both out of town, so hopefully I'll get to it very soon! But no worries, it'll be done!

  4. i love camping out as a kid. It was awesome.

  5. Oh, my gosh, this brings back memories. I can't say I would camp in a tent now. Motorhome, maybe. lol
    You do have some great giveaways on your blog.

  6. I used to love to camp! The smells are wonderful. Thanks for having my Winding Threads on your sidebar as a great blog you must read. I am looking over your new etsy sites. Lots of talented artists!

  7. What a cool little tent. Makes me wish I could go camping--even if in my dad's backyard lol :) So much fun! What a great name, Luke.

  8. I love camping but only in the warm And I don't think I could camp without a floor...the grass would drive me nuts.

  9. Wow Luke is a brave soul sleeping right on the ground like that. I'm all about the cabin too. Better yet, that motel down the street with running water and spring mattress sounds pretty good too lol

    Congrats April!


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