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Adelle is a shop on etsy. She is from Melbourne Australia. Adelle also has a wonderful BLOG.
When did you start crafting?
I grew up as an only child, so salt dough, painting, sewing, drawing and sculpture building were all forms of entertainment throughout my childhood years. They still are throughout my adult years...

What or who inspires you?
As an art teacher I am constantly exposed to different ideas and inspirations of the artists we study in class and of course, more than anything, the students!
I love Year 7 in particular because they are still so fresh and uninhibited with their ideas.

Looking through art books, magazines, newspaper clippings and art blogs are all part of my job (and my life)and they offer me some of my greatest sources of inspiration. My daily life in general is also where I draw ideas from, consequently, Andy Warhol is on of my favourite artists.

Do you have a day job?
I teach art and design at high school level. It's such a great job because I am surrounded by creativity all day. It has it's ups and downs, like any job, but for the most part, it's really creative and rewarding. I especially love discovering new art and craft techniques on my lunch break! Early finishes and school holidays aren't too bad either.

What is your favourite creative outlet?
Painting. I've been painting for years and years and the thing I love most, is creating specific artworks for others. If anyone would like a painting commissioned especially for them, contact me today. I look forward to painting something special just for you.

Why did you start your BLOG?
My vision was to begin a creative community that enables up and coming artists and designers to show off and/or sell their work and for people interested in green processes, recycled stuff and who are sick of shopping for anonymous products from ugly department stores.

As an artist myself, I think it would be nice to focus on and acknowledge the individual creators and perhaps offer another way for people to find an original gift for someone else or ourselves that was created with passion. My ultimate goal though, is to simply shine a light on artist/crafters.

The site is also a place where I review local Op Shops with images etc , display the works I create by myself and with my students and have monthly giveaways which are graciously donated by Melbourne, Australia and international crafters and artists.

Adelle is hosting a wonderful Give Away on her blog starting today!! The prize is a custom designed dress from Six Twenty-Four. The Give Away is HERE.
This picture gives you a few samples/ideas of what Six Twenty-Four has in their shop.

Please enter the give away and check out Adelles wonderful shop and blog!!


  1. Great interview... also fun to read about other etsians! ;)

  2. Wonderful interview!


  3. I think that teaching art would be such a cool job. And this interview reinforces that idea, because just look at all the wonderful things she's come up with!

  4. Yep!! It's pretty fun! VERY inspiring


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