Monday, August 3, 2009

Memories in Mosaics

Memories in Mosaics is an amazing shop! I love what she does with tile!! Everything in this shop is so unique. Memories in Mosaics has been on Etsy since December. Christine is from Melbourne, Florida.

My interest in mosaics probably started because of my love for interior design. I was attending the 1999 “Parade of Homes” in Denver and noticed that mosaics was a constant theme throughout the models that year. Several tables and counter tops had been done in broken ceramic tiles and it looked like so much fun that I immediately started a project to do the vanity and backsplash of our guest bath. I was thrilled with the results and was hooked. Things just escalated from there and I began creating table tops for family and friends. The concept for Memories in Mosaics came to me several years later because I was trying to figure out how to display the beautiful old dishes and costume jewelry I had inherited from my mother-in-law. I realized that if I did a mosaic I could incorporate a little bit of each item and still retain the memory.

I researched quite a bit online and in my library as I had never used broken dish tiles before and realized I needed to experiment as I didn’t want to ruin my precious keepsakes. I chose to make a mirror for my very first project and learned through trial and error what would and wouldn’t work. Soon my sisters were asking me to make them their own custom mirror. They each sent me costume jewelry and dishes and even a 100 year old doorknob to use in their design. I was so excited and brimming with enthusiasm that I knew this was something I would love to continue doing. It occurred to me that others might like to have a special mosaic that proudly displayed their memories in a more artful way and “Memories in Mosaics” was born.

When doing a custom mosaic my ideas come from the resources given to me to use, but when making my own pieces for sale I look for all kinds of odds and ends. My favorite hangouts are the Goodwill and thrift shops where I try to find a focal piece or a dish with a theme and go from there. I use absolutely everything from marbles to fishing lures, buttons to shower curtain holders, glass gems and jewelry. The list goes on, but I would say that jewelry is my signature as nearly every piece I create has at least one bit of “bling” somewhere. Truthfully, I prefer the designs that have a lot of texture and look a little chunky. The one I made for my sister (with the 100 year old doorknob) is probably still my favorite creation because I was able to just go wild as her tastes run similar to mine.

Making a mosaic reminds me of decorating a home. You start with the foundation and build with colors, textures and pattern, then accessorize with “bling,” only this is much easier and less expensive. Anyone can try it as your only limit is your own imagination.


  1. Wow! I can't thank you enough for this wonderful article about my mosaics. I love your blog and am honored you have chosen to feature me.

  2. These mosaics are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks Audrey for sharing this! I'm just amazed!

  3. Before blogging I have never really seen mosaics and now I love seeing them. Maybe one day I may try and make something.


  4. I am just amazed by her work! I looked through her shop and found a mosaic frame called "Holly berry" that I'm pretty sure was meant for me. :-)

    Great feature!

  5. Wow these are really great! Nice feature!


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