Monday, May 24, 2010

MMM: Craft Room + Blog of the Week

Blog of the Week!
Don't ask how I found this blog - I have no idea :) It's a fun blog, all about
The travels of Sullivan McPig! I LOVE PIGS!! They are just too cute! Sullivan lives in Groningen, Netherlands. I've been there :) The Netherlands is one of my favorite Countries! The people are wonderful, and so are the pigs obviously! Sullivan has beautiful photos of his town and country. It's a wonderful blog to visit!

Craft Room!!
We are getting closer to moving everything back in :) Brad and I worked on the floor yesterday and got it done. LOVE that click together flooring! It sure works much easier after reading the instructions LOL. Here are the Before and After photos -

BEFORE (after carpet and linoleum was removed):


Isn't it pretty? We measured the room a couple of times before going shopping for the flooring and we were very sure about how much we needed. Well - we have one 15 inch piece of flooring left! Not bad! Hopefully tomorrow we can put the baseboards on, then the paneling on the other 2 walls and move everything back in by the weekend!! WOOHOO!! Crafting - here I come!



  1. the floor looks really great! i have heard sometimes putting that stuff in really tests a marriage! ;)
    good job.

  2. oh, thanks for mentioning my blog and I'm glad to hear you like it.

    And that floor looks amazing, great job.

  3. Your floor is beautiful! It's amazing how a new floor can transform your room and your creativity too!

    Hope you get it all back together soon! Pending projects were us out!

    Have a great Monday!

  4. Wow, that floor does look amazing! Great job on that, and the entire room itself! Glad to hear you are getting so close to finishing it and finally having your craft room back!

  5. The floor is beautiful and I know you can't wait to finish the room! Now I'm going to check out that blog!

  6. I'm definitely going to check out Sullivan McPig. What a neat idea! And your craft room is looking lovely. You're right- those floors ARE pretty! I'm wishing you many nights of happy crafting in that room. :-)

  7. Wow, your floor is REALLY looking fantastic!!!!

  8. I am so jealous of your It looks fantastic. I've been wanting to rip out the carpeting in my house and put that stuff down. I love the look of it

  9. The floor is lovely !!! One board is pretty freakin good as a leftover - congrats !!!

  10. Your craft room floor looks wonderful! You've done well. Can't wait to see pictures when you've moved back in and everything is organized and in its place. Wonder how long that will last? If you're like me, it won't take long for everything to be strewn about!! ~karen


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