Sunday, May 2, 2010


Before I forget - please check out all the new Etsy Mini's on the sidebars. They are again new shops, wonderful shops, that would love for you to stop by and have a look :)
Also - an update on my Birthday last week. I did remind hubby at lunch that day :) Son 2 was supposed to do the dishes after supper but we had a 3 hour power outage, so they didn't get done. The next day hubby did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen while I was out for coffee!! Isn't he sweet? :)

1)So we are slowly moving along on the craft room. The flooring was indoor/outdoor carpeting that really had to go :) Luckily it wasn't glued down and we could just roll it up and take it out. But look what was under it:

There is one seam the length of the room that is glued down and about a million staples in the floor close to the door! Logan and I worked on it yesterday for a while, but it's not a fun job. Can't wait until we are done!!!

2) Blog for the week:
Craftlicious is a wonderful blog I just found. They have the coolest tutorials for making really wonderful items! A mosiac keychain holder (the newest one), a really beautiful Engraving Art - Rainbow Butterfly and Flowers. Want to learn about paper quilling? Actually I would love too! Check out the post where they make an amazing Lily with Dragonfly picture! This is really a wonderful blog and they have great instructions and photos! Do you know of any great tutorial blogs? Would love to see them :)

3) I received my next monthly swap package. This is what I got:

Scrapbooking papers and beads. It came from Kate who lives in the UK and has a wonderful blog: Blog! Every time I get a package of crafting supplies I'm inspired to go work on the floor in the craft room :)

4) We've had rain for the last couple of days. It is a much needed rain, it was getting so dry and dusty. But look what the weather man is predicting:
Can you believe it? SNOW!! I'm hoping he is wrong again :) Really - how often do they get the weather right? Usually only when they look out the window and tell us what they see :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!


  1. I'm so excited about your craft room! But what is that floral thing found under the carpet?

    Love your swap gift!

  2. Yeah, the weather has also taken a turn for the cold again over here, with expected snow in the mountains.

    But, truth be told it was getting too hot too early here!

  3. Oh Lord! The linoleum they used to produce! When we bought our cabin a few yrs. ago and took up the carpet in one of the bedrooms the lino was...get this...huge pink flamingos!No kidding. My daughter loved that flooring, so we kept it. LOL Any chance you've decided to keep your "bouquets?"

    Have a great week, Audrey!


  4. What??? You're not keeping the flooring, lol!!! We've had unusual weather this spring. It was 90 this weekend and we turned on the AC. But I'm glad it wasn't snow!

  5. I just checked out craftlicious and what a great blog! Thanks for sharing. I just started quilling and it's not as easy as it looks to get those strips of paper to do what you want! Let me know how you like it if you try it!

  6. Your weather looks like mine ! We had 40's and threats of snow last week - now it was 80 yesterday - 60'sn and POURING today.Good luck with the flooring - it's definately the worst to remove !!! Makes you want to do bad things like go over it ! didn't hear that from me !

  7. Hello Audrey! :)
    Just passed to say Hi and wish you a wonderful week!

    I grabed your button for my blog for my friends to visit it.

    Hope the weather gets right there, though! :) lol

  8. How sweet of your husband to clean up the kitchen.
    What a pain with all those staples in the floor. We had that problem when we replaced some carpeting. and all those little bits of carpet padding stuck to the floor . not a fun job.
    Hope that weather forecast is wrong.
    Have a great day

  9. Thanks a ton for featuring me,it an honor for me.

    i love all ur creations too will visit again


  10. ohh yes i grabbed ur button once again thanks

    those candle sure look so pretty


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