Friday, March 27, 2009

This Gal is Sew Crazy

This Gal is Sew Crazy is a wonderful shop with bags! This shop is brought to us by Theresa who lives in Whitehorse, Canada.

#1. How did you decide on your shop name?
My shop name for Etsy, thisgalissewcrazy, came about because I am 'crazy about sewing'! I do have another name which came about after, HBT Designs. HBT means 'handcrafted by Theresa'.

#2. When did you start crafting?
Oh my ... I can't really remember! I've always loved doing crafts, creating things. My mom wasn't very crafty, but my Grandma was. My first 'real' recollection is when I was about 7 or 8, my grandma taught me how to knit and crochet and I haven't stopped creating since. I remember the initial excitement while I was learning ... and you know, I feel that way to this day about anything I make! I'm continually trying new things. My first venture into marketing my crafts and the goodies I made was about 12 years ago. I sold baby clothes, blankets, ornaments, etc. at a local craft fair. When I couldn't find a nice smelling candle, I learned to make candles which eventually expanded into bath and body products. I made this into an on-line business, Making Scents by Theresa. While this business was successful and I loved doing it, it got to be a little too much. I couldn't 'walk' away from it when I needed to as I made everything from scratch ... or more appropriately put, when my kids needed me as they were all fairly young. I eventually sold this business (my recipes and stock). I've always sewed but became more serious about it about 7 years ago. I started out making quilts and eventually ended up to where I am now. I love it ... and the best part, it allows me the flexibility of being there for my kids.

#3. What or who inspires you?
My kids and husband inspire me. Everyday I look at them and marvel at the fact that I am doing what I love most ... being a wife and mom to them firstly and then, secondly, sewing. My little Etsy business allows me to do both! I have a 'silent' satisfaction knowing that I'm helping my husband out a little financially. While my business doesn't pay for 'everything' it does help with those little extras that come about ... this is also an inspiration for me.

#4. Do you have a day job?
Yes. Being a mom and crafter. I stay at home with our kids (we have 5 kids, ages 6 to 14) so during the day, I sew for my shop. During the evening and weekends, I'm a mom. I also volunteer! I'm usually at my kid's school 2-3 times a week helping teachers. I'm also the treasurer for my son's hockey team, on school council, help out with the high school yearbook, as well as anything that crops up that needs volunteers.

#5. What is the item in your shop you enjoyed making the most and why?
I LOVE to make pouches and mainly sell those. It give me the satisfaction of working with a variety of beautiful fabric and making an item that is used in our daily lives constantly, by both kids and adults. I do enjoy making tote bags though and hope to add more of those into the shop soon.

Audrey's Accolades:
Another amazing shop with bags!! Would love to know where Theresa finds this amazing fabric. This shop has a wonderful selection of bags, different types of pouches & much more. Spring has been on my mind quite a bit lately - so I have picked this bag as my favorite. Love the flowers on black.
The Selena Tote is fully interfaced for durability and lined with a coordinating black twill. Nice sized pocket inside. Coordinating cotton webbing straps in black (21" end to end with a 8.25" drop). A sweet Japanese fabric depicting beautiful flowers in soft pink, blue, yellow and green. Inside, I coordinated with a black twill and a cotton pink fabric for a small credit card sized pocket for the perfect touch. Strong magnetic closure.


  1. Great those bags and the fabrics are gorgous.

  2. Beautiful fabrics and I love the bags....very nice feature.


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