Friday, March 6, 2009

Look what I got!!

First - let me tell you about this shop! I entered a contest on Ginny's blog to win one of three handmade polymer clay buttons! Guess what!! I won one. This is what it looks like:

Isn't it amazing? So I went to Ginny's shop Njema to see what else she might have. AMAZING!! My poor limited imagination could never come up with beading like this! I couldn't believe the intricate work that goes into her items. You really need to go to this shop - even just to look at the products! She has amazing buttons, earrings, cuffs, and necklaces. Please check it out.

Cara from Bovine Bubbles and Hog Wash and I have traded before, that's how we "met" and became friends. Last week we traded again. She got one of my raggedy bags, and I threw in a candle and some blank cards I'd made. I just got my package from her yesterday. WOOHOO!!! I love her soap and lotions! This time I received Black Raspberry Lotion, 2 soap bars of Cherry Almond Buff Bar, Sweet Sixteen single use Shower Scrub Cubes, three lip balm (toasted marshmallow, strawberry swirl, saskatoon berry) and Cara threw in a bar of Banana Smoothie Complexion Soap and a small container of White Bartlett Pear & Fig Body Butter.

You would not believe how awesome everything smells!! I've used Cara's lotion before (vanilla) and loved it, the Black Raspberry smells so good and her lotion works amazingly. I have such dry skin and after using her lotion it's so much better!! (and I smell great LOL)
We've been using the Cherry Almond Buff bar from a previous trade with Cara - even my hubby and sons like it. Works really well on hands that are dirty from working in the shop.
I've never tried body butter before, this feels amazing. It's so rich and creamy!
What can I say about the shower scrub cubes? I opened the container they came in and wanted to jump into a shower to use them!! If they smell 1/2 as good on me - I'll smell wonderful.
Hubby thinks I'm addicted to lip balm, and he's right. Never go anywhere without it, and Cara's are so nice! Not greasy like some I've used.
If you get the chance - you really need to see all the other cool stuff she has in her shop!!

Thank-you Cara for another wonderful trade!!


  1. congrats on the win~ everything looks so beautiful~!! i wish i could smell those scents through the computer because they sound awesome!~

  2. Great button! And awesome soaps!

  3. Thanks for the feature!! Enjoy your button. :D

  4. Well, you sure had a fun mail day! enjoy!

  5. What a great day you had..congratulations. That Black Raspberry lotion sounds so nice...Will go to her shop here in a minute to check all her goodies out...

  6. What a delicious looking bath set! Isn't trading so much fun? :)

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