Thursday, March 26, 2009

Out of Power

Ok - I am at the local library to send a quick post. We have been without power (hydro) for almost 2 days now. Lost it on tues. at 2:30pm. The weather started on tues. with rain, turning to ice pellets (coating everything in site) and ending with snow during the night. It's still snowing and blowing, school was cancelled yesterday and today. Talked to a couple of Hydro workers on our way to town and they hope to have hydro at our place this evening. Hopefully this happens as it is getting quite chilly in the house. I was supposed to have posted a feature yesterday (wed.) but will post it on Sat. instead. Hope everyone is dry and warm where ever you are!!


  1. We have spring over here, with sunny days, but apparently we'll be getting a bit of bad weather back this weekend, hopefully not that bad!

    I hope you'll get power back soon!

  2. We were without power yesterday, and chunks of today, but at least it was on last night. Hope they get you hooked up again soon!

  3. I hope you get your power soon. I can't stand being without power...probably bc I am addicted to my computer (hee hee)

  4. Without Power in the cold weather? That's horrible. Sending thoughts of warm, fuzzy, comfy, cozy your way.
    Anni Kae

  5. Sorry about your not having can only put on so many layers before you can no longer walk. Hope you do get it back this evening...


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