Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pastry Stitches

Noelle lives in Vandalia, Ohio and her shop on Etsy is Pastry Stitches. She also has a BLOG, where you can see what see is working on and find out what Noelle has been up to.

#1. How did you decide on your shop name?
Well originally I was going to sell baked goods online, but then I found out I couldn't unless I had a license. I could have had an at home license if it was for us having four cats. Took me awhile to get my shop name since I am doing sewing and clay (and at the time still having the at home bakery in mind)... I was thinking of doing BakedStitches, but my boyfriend said that sounded like I was going to sell drugs. So I changed Baked to Pastry, which comes from the baking the clay part and then the stitches from the sewing I do.

#2. When did you start crafting?
Been sewing for six to seven years now and still learning. I learned how to sew a very little in school, but I mostly taught myself, so I am still learning even now. I been doing clay for two months (not counting the times I have done clay every year in school)... they clay that I use now is so different from the clay at school, so still learning that as well. I love both of my crafts!

#3. What or who inspires you?
My boyfriend, my aunts (who are also on etsy), and my love for anime and video games. It helps to be part of a family that's so much into the crafts and making things, it makes you want to try something as well. Both of my aunts are on etsy, so it pushes me to keep working at it and hope to be as good as them with the selling. My boyfriend inspires me to be more creative and to keep working, lol... he pushes me to keep trying. Now my love of anime and video games, those really inspire me to be creative and for ideas to make things.

#4. Do you have a day job?
Currently no... been jobless for six months and joined etsy in hopes to get money to pay off my bills little by little.

#5. What is the item in your shop you enjoyed making the most and why?
Probably my cat items as well as my mushrooms so far... they are easy to do as well as easy to make different sizes. Also it seems like people really, really love my cat items, so it makes me happy when making them that I know people love them!

People who can make/mold clay with their hands and have something wonderful turn out at the end amaze me. What an imagination!! So since I know nothing about working with clay - I asked Noelle if she could explain it to me. This is her answer:
Noelle uses Kayto Polymer clay for her items. Shey buys the colors that she needs or the base color if she wants to paint it. She cuts off the amount of clay she will need and rolls it with a pasta machine until it is soft enough to use. Then molds it into whatever she wants. Now it has to bake in the oven to harden, the cool completely before painting. Once painted and dry Noelle seals the clay piece with Future Floor Finish. After completely dry it's time to glue the carm. And voila - you have a wonderful art piece made from clay.
Noelle has many cute items in her shop - again it was hard to pick just one. I realize that Christmas is over, but the Elf Hat Earrings Are just too cute not to be a favorite!

These earrings are made out of kato polyclay, the strongest polymer clay on the market.
After being baked in an oven, it is painted with a glossy red and green paint.
In both of the top hats are tiny little bells.
Measurements (each):Length:
3/4 in(with ear hook: 1 7/8 in)
Width: 7/8 in
Depth: about 1/2 in


  1. and she's a sweetheart on top of all that- a real gem of an etsy seller

  2. Very cute :) Keep up the great work! Hugs xox Carla

  3. Thank you so much again, Audrey <3 ^____^

    Aww, thank you, Knot (spiderallis)! You are so kind and sweet ^__^ <3 brought tears to my eyes ^^

    Thank you, Country*Road*Primitives ^_^

  4. Great feature! I think it is always so much fun to get to know other artists and what inspires their creations. It also gives everyone a chance to get to know the person behind the storefront. Great job!

  5. My six year old loves to make cupcakes with polymer clay. I would love to make them into earrings for her..waiting for to get a little older. But it is sure fun!

  6. That was a fun and easy read! Loved the interview:) I will go check out her shop now!

  7. Great blog! I really like the "Audrey's Accolades" section in each feature. It adds a personal touch that's usually lacking in other Etsy interviews.


  8. Hey you have a great blog! i will check back often for more

  9. The little monster looks so cute and tasty. haha.


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