Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mad About Colour

Joanne is a Prince Edward Islander presently living in New Brunswick, Canada. She has a shop on Etsy called Mad About Colour and when you go to her shop you will understand why!

#1. How did you decide on your shop name?
I dreamed up hundreds of name ideas ( I do most things in quantities/collections) Finally, I decided this might cover all the bases. I wanted "Colour" in there, I needed something catchy and whimsical but simple to understand, self-explanatory and versatile that could cover any product I chose to do, but didn't want any name associated with anyone else. I'm crazy about colour, so "Mad About Colour" pretty well summed it up for me!! I googled far and wide to make sure no one had that name for anything and was lucky enough to not find it anywhere!

#2. When did you start crafting?
When I was born:) My folks are very artistic business folk- I am fourth generation craftsmen/graphic artist. My Dad added craft, framing, hobby, and art shops to his graphics/signs and plastics business before I was born, so I literally grew up in the business. My Mom taught me to sew, knit etc very early on. For many years I owned and operated a Weaving/FiberArts business, I taught, I exhibited and I toured.

#3. What or who inspires you?
Everything - movement, music, moods, food, nature, colour, light, shadow, taste, fairytales, movies, junk etc etc...I see possibilities everywhere and one sense always sets off all the others....It takes some self control to focus on one project at a time. Everything seems to lead immediately to many other things, rippling out endlessly...I see things exactly how they can/will be, so producing is actually just a means to an end. I can visualize anything. I am very mathematical in my approach to design and agonize mentally over the smallest detail. Once I have it all worked out in my mind, and it's "just right" I have to "get it done" to move onto the next idea.

#4. Do you have a day job?
This is now my day job. And my night job. This site now occupies my every waking hour and some of my sleeping ones as well!

#5. What is the item in your shop you enjoyed making the most and why?
My tapestry "Beach Party". I drown in my tapestry when I am working on it. That one was created from memories of wonderful gatherings on the beaches at home in PEI with friends and family- toes sinking into sand, wet jean bottoms dragging thru foaming surf, screaching seagulls, wet woody smells from the bonfires, sea salt taste from the ocean air, fiddle music, waving beach grass, wonderful colours, etc etc. To weave that was a trip back in time, like I was there again. I love choosing the right wools, colors...Tapestry weaving is a lenghty process but time flies by very quickly when you emerse yourself in the process. For reasons I can't explain, I am drawn to the process, the wool, the colors, the feel when finished.....I think it is generations of weavers in my family before me drawing me back...

Audrey's Accolades:

I found Joanne's shop while searching for Canadians on Esty hoping to do an all Canadian treasury. Those hats almost make me wish I had grandchildren! (almost) They are just too cute for words. I asked Joanne what made her decide to do the baby hats and this was her answer:

The baby hats...gee I really had to think about that...I think it was a natural progression from the bright scarves I was knitting for fun for farmers markets I was attending - someone asked about a hat..I made all my kids clothes when they were younger and had designed funky hats, sweaters, socks and stuff then....someone saw the first hat, it snowballed, my daughter needed one for a friend's baby..etc I figured if I was going to knit hats for wee babies again they really had to be fun, funky and different. My sister kept at me to getting moving with Etsy and when I decided to seriously list items, I put some of my funky hats on. Photographers started snapping up the baby hats, I coninued to tweek them there and at market, and it got to the point where I was really enjoying the opportunity to work again with so much color, but in small projects. I love the thought that my wee hats are warming/adorning a wee baby's head somewhere...such an honour to be a small part of a baby's magical beginnings, especially wonderful to be a part of a baby's photo- a special moment in time captured forever for family and friends.....I knit each and every hat with love and care and feel like it is really appreciated - makes me warm an fuzzy inside!

Now Joanne also has Swaddler Wrap Blankets that look so cozy, and the pictures are amazing!! How will I ever choose a favorite? Oh look!!! She has sets! And one is in some of my favorite colours!! I'm saved!

This precious baby "Angel Swaddle Wrap", "Caribbean Baby", will be lovingly custom knit for you in the beautiful, slubby, nubbly, soft, blues combo yarn as shown. Yarn is thick and then, acrylic/wool blendThis wrap was designed for photographic use. It drapes well, wraps nicely, as stretches to fit while allowing give and take in the knit."Resting" measurement is approximately 22" x 22".


  1. Great Post! thanks - love the hat!

  2. I love all that color!

    Wonderful blog by the way and I just started following you!!

  3. You do a wonderful job showcasing Etsy artists!!! Keep up the good work! I recently featured Mad about color in one of my treasuries...her shop is great!!

  4. Great feature! What a wonderful artist!

  5. Wonderful feature! I think it's fun to read about other artists. We went to New Brunswick on our honeymoon and just loved it!

  6. cosy little shop! I just hearted you ;)

  7. The hat and baby wrap are just too cute!!! Nice feature, Audrey!
    Kris :)


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