Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentine's Day

I've noticed that a lot of people are getting ready for Valentine's Day. All the stores have decorations up, chocolates in heart-shaped boxes everywhere & florists advertizing roses (wouldn't mind some of those myself!). We don't do Valentine's Day here, Brad's birthday is a few days later so we usually go out for supper between there somewhere.

When I gave birth to our first son I received a dozen red roses. With the second son - I received a ride home. (LOL) One year I did get 3 red roses for mother's day. But apparently buying flowers is a waste of good money - because they just die. Maybe this year I'll have to leave hints of other things I might like for Valentine's Day. Hmmmm - that just might work!! (not)

Let's see what would I like? I really don't know! so I went on Etsy Forums and asked for ideas for Valentine gifts. OH MY!!!! There are just way to many choices out there - craziness.

On the forum thread I said I would pick my favorite 12 items, from the ones suggested, and post their pics here with links to the shop. Well I first narrowed it down to 27 - that's a start! But how to get it down to 12? HELP!!! So I though a variety might be nice, that narrowed it down a little more. I just couldn't get it down to 12! It's impossible! So here are pics of my favorite 15 items, each pic links to the shop you can find the item in. Please go check them out!!

doodlestar knitzandfeltz kuteklipboards

klosti arizona dreams robynsart

darlenedecorates kittykatkards galvez

bookwormz goodlookin scrapaddict
sugarsmitten soapscentsations softjaz

There are an amazing amount of Etsy shops with wonderful ideas for Valentine's Day gifts, but there is no way I could list them all here. Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day (I know - I'm early).


  1. Thank you for including my floral scrapbook! It is a great way to give someone flowers that last forever! I see lots of nice items!

  2. thanks so much for including my BookWormz! :) You obviously have fabulous tast ;), and I hope you get your dozen roses this year! Thanks again,

  3. thank you so much for including my red journal! The artisans of Etsy are just amazing!

  4. That's a lovely assortment of valentine suggestions. There really are so many wonderful items to choose from on Etsy from such a wide variety of artists and styles. I spend hours sometimes, so my fiancé gave me his old laptop so I can still peruse the Etsy even if we are watching TV on the sofa. He is usually on his laptop as well. Two peas in a pod now, LOL!

  5. A wonderful assortment of Valentine items! Thank you for including one of my dish towel dresses:)

    Connie @

  6. Audrey - WOW! First, what a wonderful blog you have here and what a wonderful shop. I truly enjoy YOUR work! Second, thank you so much for including my "Life is too short...Framed Wall Art." I am so honored to have been chosen as one of your Valentine's Day treats. And to be featured along with so many talented artists - well that's such an honor again! I wish for you to get flowers AND all your favorite things this Valentine's Day. Thank you again this is fabulous!

  7. Audrey, i'm loving your blog. n_n Lovely items! Etsy is just so wonderful! Have a lovely restful weekend.

  8. Audrey~ Your blog is beautiful as is your shop! Thank you so much for including my one of a kind Regal Crimson scarf in your Valentine's picks! Happy Valentine's Day to you and to all those visiting this blog and/or the many wonderful shops of Etsy!

  9. It is such a shame that flowers die after Valentine's day. Maybe give potted plants and then you can beautify your garden?
    Unfortunately, I won't be with my man during Valentine's day, I will be on holidays! This will be our first year not together :(
    But I'll make sure to get him something lovely while I'm holidaying :)
    I hope you will have a lovely Valentine's day!

  10. They are all lovely. I still want my assortment of chocolates teehee

  11. Thank you so much for including me in your great blog, all items are amazing.


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