Sunday, January 4, 2009


While looking on Etsy forums and clicking on whatever caught my eye - I was the word "Kochanie". I'm not sure why this made me stop, but I clicked on the forum to see what this could possibly mean. The forum directed me to the blog Creative Ladies, where I found out that "Kochanie" means "My Love" in Polish. I also found the most amazing woman - Kristina.

Kristina is the founder of Kochanie "My Love" Baskets. She came up with the idea while sitting in an ICU visitors centre waiting on & visiting her Grandma, and talking to other families who were going through the same pain & suffering she was. Her Grandma used to call Kristina "Kochanie" so the gift baskets are named in memory of her loving Grandmother. So in Oct 2008 "Kochanie 'My Love' Baskets" was created.

The first 20 baskets were delivered on November 18, 2008 to the Hospice of the East Bay with another 40 to be delivered to Hope Hospice & George Mark Children's House this month. Kristina is always looking for donations of quality bought or handmade items, anything that will put a smile on someones face. She is looking for quality items to give to the grieving families.

These baskets contain combinations of: tea, hot chocolate, coffee, biscotti, candles, bears, angels, hankies, travel tissue holders, travel size tissue, sympathy cards, journals, sketchbooks, crayons, photo albums and stationary with pens. Right now Kristina is looking for donations of candles; totes; journals; tea (either tins or individual bags); hot chocolate; biscotti or tea biscuits; gift bags (brown ones that you can purchase at a dept store or craft store - the larger ones); bookmarks; stationary and travel tissues.

She will be making another 20 baskets to deliver to deserving children & families. If anyone knows of a hospice or hospital that is looking for these sort of baskets, please contact Kristina ( or go to her blog Creative Ladies and leave a comment with contact infor & she will get back to you. If someone is interested in donation a monetary amount, Kristina will accept PayPal even if it's only $5.00.

After emailing Kristina to find out more info on what she might need & noticing she needed tote bags, I found a new one that was left from a craft sale and desided that I would send it. The after doing some moreresearch, reading & emailing Kristina, I've desided to find a box and fill it. When you start to look around the house and see new things still in their box, that you really had planned to use, but forgot they were there - it doesn't take long before you have a nice package to send.

Please go to Kristina's blog and read more about her gift baskets. And if possible make a donation.

A big "THANK-YOU" goes to Kristina for seeing a need and taking the time & energy to fill that need. I'm sure you have truley blessed many people and put a smile on many a sad face with you wonderful gifts. And in return I'm positive you have also been blessed!


  1. Thanks so much for putting together an article on my Kochanie
    "My Love" Baskets. :)

  2. This is amazing ! In this day & age it's so refreshing to see that some people still look out for others !Hospice is dear to my heart since it was Covenant Hospice that allowed me to keep my grandmother living with me & not in a nursing home & they are the ones that held my hand when it was time to let my grandmother go. I'll be heading off now to check out the site & see what I can do to help.

  3. What a lovely thing to do! Nice of you to feature her on your blog.

  4. Fantastic idea! It's so nice to see people who care and are making a difference.


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