Thursday, January 8, 2009

My New Year's Resolution

Looking through other blogs and forums on Etsy last week I realized that everyone was talking about New Year Resolutions. What they were, if they would keep them, how to keep them (saw that on Dr. Phil too). I've never been very good at NYR's - can't seem to keep one for more than a week or so. Maybe I've just been making them to hard?

This year I have one I totally intend to keep: FEATURE AS MANY ARTISTS/CRAFTERS I CAN IN 2009!! So I posted on my blog and on etsy offering to feature anyone who crafts or does art, on my blog.

WOW!! The response to my offer has been wonderful!! After some thought on how I was going to do the features I decided it would be nice to feature one Canadian artist/crafter per week (since I'm Canadian). Luckily there are a lot in Blogland and on Etsy. So starting in the middle of Feb. I will feature a "World" artist/crafter on Mondays and a "Canadian" crafter/artist on Wednesdays. I've started checking out all the shops interested in a feature and getting the pictures fron their shops saved on my computer.

THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!! The variety out there is incredible. The items are amazing, awe inspiring, wonderful, cute, charming, ingeneous, did I say amazing already? (You get the picture.) The artists/crafters have wonderful stories to tell on how they picked a name, how they got started, their day job (you'll see what I mean) etc.

One thing I hadn't counted on, when I started this project, was I want to buy something from every shop!!! It's all so great! I could go broke in a hurry - but I will try to control myself (if I don't, hubby will)

Another great idea I had was doing "Audrey's Accolades" where I will add my thoughts (all good) on the products featured and pick my favorite item from the shop. Oh my - didn't realize how hard that would be. How do you pick one item when you like so many? Everyone is a true artist in their own craft.

So far we will have features by crafters/artists who make jewelry, paint, sew, work with clay, wood, metal, beads altered art etc. I am learning something new everytime I look at a shop and read the interview with the artist.

The features will start on Jan 12. Hope you come by every Monday and Wednesday to see another incredible artist/crafter. I promis you will be amazed. If anyone is interestded in being a feature feel free to leave a comment or email me & I will get back to you with a list of questions.

Don't worry - I will still contiue to tell you what I'm up to and have pics of things I'm working on. Just made a bunch of jean blankets - have to paint them. Have a bucket basecoated, and working on some wood items. Need to find more hours in the day somewhere. Oh well - there's always tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like fun! I'll be checking back to see who you feature!


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