Thursday, January 22, 2009


I just received 2 seed catalogues in the mail!! That must mean that spring is almost here, right? After all the days are getting longer, which means the sun is getting higher in the sky, so it's getting warmer? Can't tell in Manitoba! Today's high is -5C or 23F. But getting my seed catalogues makes me think of spring and planting. That means warm sunshine, green grass, blooming flowers, birds singing, mosquitos (we won't go there), sitting on the deck relaxing in the evening with a cold drink. I feel warmer already!

But first I have to decide what to plant. Hmmmm. We'll start with the usual:

*Cucumbers - I make my own pickles and relish
*Carrots - the garden grows them like weeks and we usually "grow a row" for the food bank.
*Squash - Brad's favorite
*Corn - corn on the cob - yummy. Found out how to do it in the microwave
*Pumpkins - for pie, muffins, cake etc.
*Peppers - bell and spicey
*Onions - Sweet spanish
*Tomatos - the bigger the better.

Might have to try to grow asparagus this year. I bought some at the grocery store last summer and put it in a stirfry I did on the BBQ - worked and tasted great. If anyone grows asparagus please leave a comment for me with any tips. I know nothing about growing asparagus.

We don't grow beans of any kind now. One year we grew dry beans - still have piles left. And the garden grows green & yellow beans like weeds. We don't eat them. We ended up taking them to the food bank too, but you have to pick them so often - lots of work. We've grown melons, lettuce, birdhouse gourds, garlic, watermelon, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts over the years. Sometime with good luck - sometimes not.

The only flowers I grow are in boxes on our new deck. Last summer I tried to start flowers myself with mixed results. Ended up getting a few at the greenhouse to fill holes, then wouldn't remember to water regularily. Will have to try harder this year.

What I really need is something to kill all the weeds in the garden!! I really do not enjoy weeding, just ask Brad! My garden is big enough that we can leave 7 ft. between the rows so we can use the 6 ft tiller with the tractor. I do have a small tiller too, that we use between the rows that are closer together. We plant the 2 corn rows quite close together so they hold each other up if we get strong winds (learned this tip from SIL's fatheer). Last summer I tried to get out to the garden early before the heat (really don't like heat either). So if anyone has tips for getting rid of weeds withough the need of a hoe - let me know!!

So I went looking for gardening blogs etc. Didn't really find anything - if you know of some let me know and I will add them to the post. The pictures I "borrowed" from the company where I buy my seeds. Vesey's.

UPDATE: UX Critter a shop on Etsy, just gave me this link. Here we can find links to gardening blogs!! Off to check them out!
Dig In Dirt: a garden blogs directory!!


  1. Isn't getting the magazines in the mail just the best feeling in this cold weather? I love it and just blogged about it myself! I wish I had more room to plant more. I live on a rock ledge so there isn't much digging in my yard :( I do have 3 beautiful raised beds that my hubby built...still not enough room!

  2. I get the same feelin when I get seed catalogs, I love them. I must have received about 20 this year, I think somebody must have sold my address. I'm not really complaining about that. I hope to put in a small raised bed this spring as well. Wish me luck!

  3. I am trying really hard to keep my mind off of spring. If I start thinking about it this early it just makes me miserable the rest of the winter.

  4. Look at all those colors! I used to grow pumpkins, now I stick with my trusty coffee plant. But it's so nice to grow your own vegetables.

  5. THANK YOU THANK YOU For talking about gardening now. I am so cold and looking at all this snow outside & with FEB blahs going to be happening....This is just wonderful to read about gardening and see the lovely photos of greens and oranges and more! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  6. MULCH is the best for keeping the weeds out. When we raised chinchillas, I used to dump all the shavings alongside the plants to keep the weeds down. Also if you have a paper shredder, that works great too. Just plain sheets of newspaper works well. Whatever you use, dig back a bit of soil around the plants, add the mulch, put soil back over top.

  7. Lucky! I wish I had a garden, or a yard for that matter! All i have room for is an herb garden out on my deck! Thanks for stoppin by my blog and for following! :D

  8. yummy! My husband wants to start a veggie garden this summer. Wish me luck. love the interview with kelly!

  9. We are lucky as we have a seed place just a few blocks from me...They send out catalogs all over and we can just go in and pick up what we want....It is called "Farmer's Seed & Nursery"....The asparagus is planted in a bed as it comes back every year....I think it takes 2 years tho before you really get anything....Check out Farmer's Seed & Nursery for the asparagus roots..

  10. Woohoo =) I got my first seed catalog, too =) That's the same thing I said to myself - spring is on the way!

    The best weeding I ever had done was by the geese. Yep. Noisy, but effective.

    Last year I shared a garden with my neighbor - many hands did make lighter work, but I missed having the garden close at hand. This year I am going to plant one at my house - and repeat several time to myself - what I plant, I must weed! Maybe I will plant a reasonably sized garden that way...? haha!

  11. Hahahha, great minds do think alike and I don't know the next part of the saying, so we're okay ;-)

    I love seed catalogs and planning...

  12. Oh thanks for the last part....hahhaaaa Ignorance is bliss...hahahaha

  13. I wish I had my own garden to grow veggies. It must be great to watch them grow and have yummie, fresh, healthy, homegrown veggies!

  14. Love your blog. I grew an assortment of veggies in containers the last two years on my driveway. There is no room for a veggie garden in our yard. It was a success, although, I had to water quite frequently. Last year I tried growing Victoria eggplant vertically. Got quite a few fruits. Check out my blog, I write about my shade gardens, cooking and jewelry in it.

    Rosemary, Gardengatedesigns

  15. I miss having a garden. When I was a little girl, the former owners of my family home were big time gardeners, so we followed their tradition. Now I'm in a subdivision with very little sun on my property for a garden. I miss it.

    I do grow herbs and last year I planted squash in pots. That went well, at least for the animals that stole them before I got to those. Not sure if I will try again this year.

  16. Oh how I would love to attempt a garden someday! I just don't think that I have that much of a green thumb! Asparagus is my favorite vegetable!


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