Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shaving - yuck!

How often do you shave your legs? I avoid it at all costs. Hate it. Keep telling Brad that I'm married - why would I shave my legs? His will always be hairier. Well, I do manage to shave once a month on the day I go for a massage. But still don't like it.

Over the years I've tried many products that are supposed to make it easier. Waxing - never again! Gave birth twice, should not have to go through the pain of ripping hair out of me legs. Tried different types of foam sprays, one gave me such a bad rash I had to go to the doctor and get medication. So I was back to soap. Tried all different kinds of handmade shaving soap, but most of them where the same as using regular soap.

I found So Stinking Sweet when Dee wanted to do a give away on my other blog. While looking through her shop - some of the soaps where calling out to me! Really!! They were! So I had to get a few to try. What did I purchase? Well - Fluffy Almond Icing Shea Butter Soap, Coconut Buttercream made with Shea Butter Bath Soap, Pink Grapefruit Whimsy Heart Handmade Shea Butter Soap and Cucumber Melon Shaving Soap. Don't they look amazing!!

I am in love with the shaving soap! (round green soaps) It lathers amazingly, smells divine and my skin doesn't feel all dry and itchy later. Will it make me shave more often? Can't tell yet - but probably, just so I can smell like Cucumber Melon!

Oh - If you would like to win some of Dee's Red Grapefruit scented lotion and soap - check out her give away HERE!


  1. I hate to shave my legs!!! It is necessary in the summer, but winter is coming! LOL

    Have a great day day Audrey!


  2. Buwahahaha - It's the worst isn't it ??? I am lucky to be not so hairy so I only have a few patches to take care of ! In eighth grade I remember one of my friends thought she had a "mustache" so she used Neet on it. Her whole upper lip swelled and I think the skin sloughed off - she must have left it on for 5-6 hours !!! It's dangerous stuff ! I'm liking the coconut cream soap myself : )

  3. HATE shaving my legs in winter!:P Yes, Audrey, I speak low-german better now than english. Even though I have a slight accent. But who wouldn't with all those languages. Do you speak Platt too?

  4. I'm the opposite. I shave every single day of the year! LOL

  5. I shave when I can't stand it anymore or if I am going to massage, chiropractor, dr., etc. LOL
    Those soaps sound so nice. I love cucumber melon.

  6. I hate it too, but one of the perks of getting older is that there seems to be less hair, lol!

  7. never could stand having stubbly legs, drives me crazy, although it doesn't mean I enjoy the shaving part :) The soap sounds yummy

  8. I love shaving soap! As for me, I shave pretty often, but that's because I really love the way it feels to have smooth legs. Enjoy your new goodies!

  9. I hate shaving and I hate hairy legs! Not sure which I hate more. I find in the winter time I don't shave as often and every time I change my clothes i think " I should shave" but i don't. However in the summer, I'm constantly wondering if my legs are hairy or not, because I can FEEL it but can people see it? I always asked my husband " are my legs hairy ? they feel hairy!" lol even though most of the time he would say he can't even see the hair. so who knows!


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