Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Common Cold

My question is - If it's the COMMON COLD, why isn't there a cure?

Brad decided to share his cold with me. Isn't he just a sweetie. NOT! He finally decides to share - and it makes me sick! Yes, I have it all - running/stuffy nose, bleary eyes (looks like I've been on a week long bender), very very sore throat, and my voice is going. Good thing I don't need to talk to blog :) If I'm a bit slow commenting back - I'm probably trying to sleep. Not sleeping real well at night right now.

When Brad and his sisters where young, their mom would give them a small shot of hot whiskey mixed with water and honey when they were sick. Apparently it works! Probably scares those germs away. I think I'll stick with over the counter meds thanks, and drink lots of hot liquids. Not really a whiskey fan - it stinks.

I'm pretty sure that there is a cure for the common cold out there somewhere. But all the pharmaceutical companies would go broke if all we had to do was get a shot or take a pill, so . . . they let us suffer.

What do you take or do if you have a cold? or maybe you never get one?


  1. Audrey, as soon as I feel a cold coming on, or if I am exposed to one, I start drinking Eccinacea Tea. Works for me. If the cold germs do get a grip on me, it doesn't amount to much. ~karen

  2. I hate colds - they are so miserable. I drink lots of hot tea and try to stay away from everyone. Nothing seems to work - it seems they just have to work through to the end.

    Feel better - hugs - Marie

  3. despite what our mother's taught us, not everything is meant to be shared :)
    When I get a cold I drink lots of tea, don't know if it helps but it makes the throat feel better. That and over the counter meds

  4. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. :( When I get a cold, I drink hot tea and eat homemade chicken noodle soup! I hope you feel better soon!!

  5. UGH ! I have the same thing thanks to the kids . Apparently the first two weeks of school are rampant with the sharing of whatever anyone got over the summer. One of my twins had 9 kids absent yesterday : (. I wanted to go back to bed and my husband sent 2 guys uo here to split logs !!! Gaaaaaaaaaa . I with the whole tea/honey/soup/with a Mucinex chaser ( helps keeps things unstufed) hope you are feeling better.


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