Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rough Weekend and God's Post it Notes

If it seems that I've been missing again - I've been spending my time worrying and trying to help Logan get settled in a new place.

As you may remember - Logan moved to Hamilton Ontario this week. He left Wed. morning and arrived there Thurs night. Wed went really well, thurs - not so much. I had a text from him at 3:30 pm - he was lost. Thank goodness for Google Maps!! After texting back and forth for 3.5 hours - we got him to Hamilton and the John Deere dealership that he will be working at. There he met his new boss, who took him out for supper and to the apartment that we rented for him.Unfortunately there was no one at the apartment and it was locked. After some more mad texting and emailing the owner finally called Logan, after Logan was already at his boss's in-laws and staying there for the night. What a wonderful family!!

Friday morning Logan spent at the dealership, getting all his tools out of his truck. He went to the apartment after lunch only to find out it was horribly filthy. It's in the basement of a house that has been converted into a Vet Clinic. Logan found out later from someone at work, that the clinic let the dogs run down there even when people where living in it! I emailed the owner to complain and he finally met Logan at the apartment later that evening. Logan wasn't happy about the state of the place, the owner tried to plead innocent. The owner actually got really angry and physically assaulted Logan, then told Logan to remove all his belongings and locked him out.

Logan called home, quite upset! No doubt!! So for the last couple of nights he has
been staying with the bosses family, while looking for another place to live. Luckily the owner of the apartment gave Logan a cheque for the first/last months rent that we had wired to him. I don't think he wanted to be charged with assaulting a minor. Smart man (I guess).

When your children leave home - you hope that everything will be roses, and they will have smooth sailing. Guess that doesn't always happen. We are so thankful for the family that has taken him in and is helping him through his first really rough days in a new province and town. Will definitely be sending them a gift!
We spoke on the phone with Logan Sat. morning. He sounded good and quite happy to be starting work on Monday. With all the crap he went through the last few days - I'm glad his spirits are still up.


  1. Egh, sorry to hear about his apartment trouble. But what wonderful people his boss and family are to help him out like this.

  2. Well not the best start to Logan's new adventure in life but it sounds like he's making it through with flying colors anyway. How lucky that he has such a wonderful boss.
    Those post it notes are perfect for this.

  3. Man! I would have been furious over the assault on my child! I can take a lot off people, but do NOT hit my kids!

    Thank goodness he had another place to stay.

    I hope he gets settled into a new, clean place soon. He will enjoy his independance.

    Here's wishing this week is smoother than last!


  4. Oh my what a way to start 'the grown-up' part of your life. I know it was even harder for you being so far away. Thank goodness for technology and texting.

    Hugs - Marie

  5. Poor Logan! His "life experiences" took right off, didn't they? Thank goodness for the nice people in this world.

  6. I'm sorry to hear the start wasn't stellar... but at least, he's surely gonna get a better place now, and he's found really nice people along the way!

  7. Oh no! Certainly not the way we want our kids to start out. I know it must have been hard for you!! I'm sure he'll find a fantastic new place and life will settle down for him. Saying a prayer for both of you! :)


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