Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Back - Logan's Gone

So Logan left at 5:45 this morning for his 2 day trip to Hamilton, Ontario to start a new job. Didn't know he'd be the first to go so far away and he's only 18!! I know - lots of kids do it :)

Obviously Logan would need a bed - so on the weekend Luke and Brad built this box (minus the springs) for Logan. All he has to do is put it together again once he's there and purchase a mattress.

We spent the last 3 days getting him ready. Loaded all his tools and tool boxes first. Then we knew how much other room we had - which wasn't much! He should have bought a bigger truck. Oh - well, we did manage to squish everything into the corners.

Can't forget to check the tires with the help of Heather (girlfriend).

The black plastic bags are his clothes. I bought some heavy duty clear plastic bags, we put his clothes in them and then used the vacuum to suck out all the air. This way the bag was only about 1/4-1/3 as big!! Don't know if they will stay that flat all the way to Hamilton, but it doesn't matter. Everything is under cover.

I would have taken a photo of him driving away, but all you would have seen were his tail lights shining in the dark. Here's hoping for a safe trip!


  1. It hurts a little to let him go, doesn't it? I send my oldest (Amy, 14) off to a dorm every Monday morning, and it still hurts! Hugs, from down in Paraguay.

  2. It's sad to see your kids move out, but then it is a good thing too!

    I'll bet Logan's girtlfriend hated to see him go too!

    Did Logan cut his hair? Looks shorter than in what I remember his graudation picture showing :-)

    Happy empty nest Audrey!


  3. I'm from Hamilton!!! Welcome Logan!!! Best wishes!

  4. Aw, I'm still bracing myself for sending one off to kindergarten next year. I'm not sure how I'll handle the move out someday! Leave it to a guy to put clothes in a garbage bag :)

  5. Oh Audrey - I feel so sad for you today. When my oldest went away to school (37 miles from home), I cried for 6 weeks. Maybe it was hormones at the time but I couldn't control it. We spend 18 years to get them ready to go and then we want to hold on.

    Hugs - Marie

  6. How exciting! I'm sure your son will face lots of happiness and success in his new career. This post is sweet, because I can tell how much you care about your boy. What a loving, proud Mama!

  7. Aw, it's sure tough to watch them go. Especially when they are going so far away. Best of luck to him. You guys did a great job of packing that truck.

  8. It must have been such a bittersweet moment for you, sadness to see him go and pride of seeing him starting his new life! I'm sure everything will be great for him in his new career!

  9. Wow! 2 days away!!! I know that was hard for you as a Mom cried like an infant when they drove away and left me at college! And I was only one hour away! :-)

    I'm praying for your son's safe journey and his successful future.

  10. Wow! I admire him being so brave and you supporting him! Best to you guys :)

  11. I know you must be very proud but a little sad too!

  12. I had tears in my eyes as I read this. Did Heather go with him? I hope he likes Ontario. Good luck to Logan...if he ever needs anything let me know. Hamilton is only a couple of hours away.


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