Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunflower Festival Part 3 - the Quilt Show

There is a wonderful quilting club in town - Heirloom Quilters. One of my neighbors is in the group, a fellow bus driver and also Peter, a friend we've had for years. Peter just started quilting and is doing a quilt for each of his boys.

The oldest son has this quilt. The top is exactly like the bottom, but the quilts are so long they had to fold them over to get them to hang in the space.

The youngest son is getting this one. Yes they are eggs, one for each month of the year. The one that is for June has his son's year of high school graduation on it - 2016. Isn't that just the neatest quilt?

The middle son's will be done this year :)

The quilters group made a quilt to cover a car for in the parade. Isn't that amazing? Wonder how long it took to make it?

This was our favorite. We loved the colors and the design.

Yes it's black and white. There was a whole section of black and white quilts, in all sizes, but this was my favorite.

Here are some other quilts from the show:

Stay tuned for the last installment of the Sunflower Festival - The Gallery in the Park. Posted on Friday.


  1. Quilters are amazing artists. To take an image and break it down into small parts then put it all back together again...WOW. Those are an amazing collection of quilts. I really love the black and white one. What a cool idea and so well executed!

  2. I love the egg quilt too!

    I enjoy quilt shows I like to see how the piece looks up close and the quilts I enjoy the most are those that are hand quilted.

    Looking forward to moer pictures :-)

    {{hugs}} to Audrey :-)


  3. Such beautiful quilts!!! This is a fun post :) I LOVE the egg one.

  4. I can't choose a favorite - they are all great. I could look at these all day long. (The cars are really neat too - I had a yellow
    '57 Chevy exactly like the one shown - could that car move.)

    I wish we had a festival like that to go to. I can hardly wait to see Friday's post.

    Hugs - Marie

  5. Beautiful quilts! The black and white one is amazing, never seen anything like that done before.

  6. Audrey, I love quilts. My grandmother used to quilt, and I actually tired my hand at it once...I wasn't terribly successful. :-)

    Hope your week is going well!

  7. I love them all but that egg one is just so clever. I've always wished that I could quilt. I tried to make some blocks once and everything came out all wonky so I just gave up. Maybe some day I'll give it another go

  8. Hey Audrey! Long time no see!!! I LOVE these quilts! Quilters amaze me, their work is just phenominal. I wish I had the patience for it!! Maybe one day...

    Stop by the blog when you get a minute. I've made some changes... !!

    Good to be back :)

  9. I cannot even imagine the hours that went into all of these - amazing !

  10. Those are absolutely gorgeous!!! I used to think quilts were all the same, but they are not. They can be so incredibly interesting. I love what you've done with yours!

  11. They're all fabulous and amazing! I think its so cool that your friend made his boys each one! I've only made smaller wall hanging quilts but would love to make at least one full sized one! Thanks for sharing!!!


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