Friday, March 26, 2010

Soap & My Craft Room in Progress

I found a new soap shop on Etsy and was the first person to place an order! Forget Me Not Soap Shop has some really lovely soap scents. I ordered the Pick Any 4 Bars of my Handmade Soap and Pay No Shipping Charge Limited Time Offer listing. It was really hard to pick 4 soaps from the really long list of choices :) But I managed and ordered the Black Raspberry Vanilla, Vanilla Bean Noel Type Scent, Saskatoon Berry (it looks black in the photo but it's really a dark purple) and the Strawberries and Champagne (which doesn't seem to be listed anymore). I've been using the Saskatoon Berry and LOVE it!! This bar will last a long time. Can't wait to use the others too. She also sent me a Saskatoon lip balm which is really lovely, and a small container of Moisturizing Hemp Oil Lotion. Really nice lotion! Hardly any scent, but lovely on the hands. Also received a scrubbie :)

Please check out the shop, I would recommend this soap, lip balm and lotion to anyone. I really like them!

So I've decided to re-do my craft room. I didn't realize how much work this would be :) It took about a week to empty the room, then I had to start scraping peeling paint from some spots on the ceiling and one wall. We couldn't figure out why the paint was flaking off the wall, so I checked with the local hardware store. It seems that when the people who lived here before us painted the room, they must have painted Latex paint over Oil paint without primer. So I was told I would have to try and scrape the whole wall or it would just flake off again. What a horrible job!! Luckily it's only the one wall, though they are 9 ft walls! In this picture the wall is almost 2/3 done. There is still about 2.5 - 3 feet above the lights.

This wall had a window in it that would let the rain in during a storm. We took it out several years ago, but there is just so much damage under the window that we will just panel over it. I really don't feel like taking all the dry wall off and replacing it. It also has wall paper on it that is peeling off in spots too.

We replaced this window a few years ago, but there was quite a bit of damage on this wall too, so it's also getting paneling. Still have to purchase the paneling.

There is one good wall in the whole room!! WOOHOO!

I will post pics as we start painting etc. Looking forward to the day it's finished :)



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  2. I'll be checking out the soap shop! Nothing is ever simple is it??!! I know you will be happy when the redo is finished and you have a beautiful and inspiring place to work. Keep us posted on it!

  3. I just went to see all that wonderful I have to pick something...Thanks for the heads up..You have your work cut out for you in your new shop but what a great shop you are going to have...

  4. I just gotmy craft room back is filling up with yard sale items! LOL

    Then it will return to a craft room! I did make new curtains of rthe window though.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. The soap looks inviting.
    Your doily is the same color(s) I used to crochet a baby an afghan.

    Good luck on redoing the craft room.
    It will be so nice once it's complete.

  6. Thanks for the soap shop promo - I'm going to check it out!!

    AND how I wish I had an organized craft room. I have to do something with mine - it is a disaster...

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on your craft room. I just love projects like this. Since I can't afford to do them myself I have to take pleasure in other people's

  8. I'm addicted to soap. Not just mine, but everyone else's too!! I love this shop!!!

    Happy Saturday!

  9. Ooooh, another soap shop to check out! I love me some Black raspberry Vanilla soap!

    And wow, what an amount of hard work you have ahead! Hopefully everything will be smooth sailing!

    Have a great weekend!


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