Monday, March 1, 2010


Welcome to Mish Mash Monday!! If you are joining me - the button is on the left sidebar! Sorry this is a bit late - however I just got my internet back!

1) Please check out all the Etsy Mini's on the sidebars. They are all new shops that would love some Love :) It's so hard not to make purchases from all these shops while searching for new ones to display on the sidebars - there are so many amazing items in each shop.

2) The "Blog of the Week" is The Empty Nest. I love this blog :) She has wonderful posts, recipes and give aways. I have actually won a give away from her SHOP - a gift certificate, and received a wonderful bag that I use every time I go shopping.

3) I made two wonderful purchases in the last while. Tyler Handmade just had a give away on my other blog. When Tyler contacted me about having the give away, I noticed that she had mug cozies in her shop!! Do you know how hard it is to find a cozy for a mug? I immediately asked if she could make one for my in red - she agreed! Isn't it great?

My other purchase also came from a shop that had a give away on my other blog :) I fell in love with this pendant as soon as I saw it and told myself that if it was still in Dancing Fairy Designs shop - I would buy it as soon as the give away was over. Lucky me - it was still there!! She also sent the ribbon and paperclip. Thanks so much!!

4) I've joined this great swap. Every month you get a new person to swap with and someone gets you! I love swapping and receiving cool items in the mail :) This is an on going swap - you can sign up any time.

5) SPRING IS COMING!! This is what our next week is supposed to look like. The temps are in Celsius. Just for reference 0C = +32F. Maybe I can hang up the winter jacket this week :)


  1. I just knew spring would come sooner or later. OF course, here in Texas it means the hellish hot is right around the corner. BOOOOO

    Shame on your for sharing the swap blog. I had fun with your Valentines one and the temptation to do more swaps might be dangerous!!!

  2. Oh I love the mug cozy! And I blogged about The Empty Nest too...I tried one of her pies! Happy Monday!!!

  3. That mug cozy thing is ADORABLE. I don't drink coffee, but if I did, I'd be all over that.

  4. Cute mug cozy I'm going to have to go check those out. That pendant is cute too and I love that little paper clip that you got with it.

  5. Well aren't just the sweetest blogger ;-) Thanks so much for giving a shout out to my little blog ..I do love blogging. I get to meet such fabulous you!
    your friend,

  6. I really wish that I saw a sign of spring...anything!

  7. Audrey - even Monday sounds nice coming from you. I can't decide which day of the week is my favorite - but it probably isn't Monday's.

    Isn't Janet's pie recipe the greatest. Have to try it. Also loved the valentine swap and I don't think I remembered to tell you how much fun it was.

  8. Awesome, i enjoy your experience. HOT MUG :)


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