Sunday, March 21, 2010

MMM March 22!!

1) The Canada Geese are coming back! This is a sure sign of spring! We heard them for the first time last week, but finally got to see them flying around on Thursday. Saturday morning - they were on the creek which has over flowed it's banks and is on our yard.

2) Brad (hubby) made some new shelves for my pantry! There is a pantry close to my kitchen but the shelves are not set up very well, and I was never quite sure what was in it. Plus I needed more room for things I didn't need every day. Bags on the floor just weren't working for me :)

Aren't the shelves great? Ok - I have way to many boxes of cereal, granola bars and where did all the syrup come from?

3) I found this amazing blog about 2 weeks ago. Have no idea how I found it, but I LOVE it!! There is so much to see and read. The Pioneer Woman has tons of amazing Recipes (can never have too many), her own Cookbook, a section on Homeschooling, and also Home & Garden.

4) I had decided that follower 1000 would get a present sent in the mail. So early last week I noticed that I had 1001 followers. Willa was follower 1000, went to her blog to check it out and in one of her posts she mentioned she had a birthday coming up and it happens to be the same day as mine!! What were the chances of that happening?
Two days later my blog was back to 997 followers, but that's ok - I will still send Willa a present for her birthday. It's actually kinda fun watching the followers go up and down.

There are quite a few blogs that I'm following that I just can't visit very often. Would need about
40 hours a day to visit all those blogs. There is no way I will unfollow them. But I understand if some people do :)

5) Rascal found a nice sheltered sunny spot to sleep on Saturday! Just think how comfortable it will be when the grass is green and lush :) Life is rough!

Have an Awesome Week!!


  1. Totally jealous of those awesome new can send your hubby here to build some for me next!
    Congrats on your 1000 followers (even if its gone down since then, although I have no idea why anyone would unfollow your blog!) Here's to many more readers!

  2. Those shelves are great, what a handy husband you have.

    I noticed the other day I lost a follower but it's ok because half the followers I have don't really follow

    I'm jealous of Rascal, I want to be able to lay out in the grass and nap too :)

  3. Rascal looks so content...and your pantry is great...I had one like that, but when we remodeled my kitchen we took it out for the, of course, I wish I had it back!

  4. I wish my pantry was so neat and organized, but every time I straighten it up, hubby comes right behind me and moves everything! I'm going to check out the Pioneer Woman blog! Oh, and I tried the Hurry Chicken recipe and it was delicious!!

  5. The pictures of the geese bring back memories of living on the gulf course in Denver and watching them land every year. What a sight!

    Great job on the shelves too!! We can always use extra storage.

  6. such a nice post. COngrats on the 1000 followers! Maybe one day I'll get there....if I do more giveaways! hee hee

    love the new shelves- spring is mean for organization, right?

  7. I think your pantry shelves look awesome! What a crafty husband :)

  8. Spring is definitely here. I've seen a few robins hopping around and the sparrows have come back to nest in the birdhouse. :)

  9. love the Canada geese photos!
    great shelves!
    happy dog!
    40 hours a day is about right!

  10. you can never have too many boxes of cereal! Cereal is good stuffs! I used the boxes when I'm done to make my ATCs!


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