Sunday, March 7, 2010


I thought Mish Mash Monday was going to be easy to post - boy was I wrong! So this morning I realized that I needed something to post, but was stumped. Really - how hard can it be to come up with 5 little things to post? Apparently - quite hard sometimes :( But here we go -

1) I'm trying to come up with a theme for a "summer swap" - any ideas? There are a million Easter ones out there already - so didn't want to do one then. Would anyone be interested in a Cookbook swap? (poll on left sidebar)

2) Hubby and I are starting a Dog Boarding Kennel. He thought it would be a good idea to have a BLOG - so I contacted The Banner Loft and asked if Nancy could do a custom banner and buttons for us. She did an amazing job! We both love them and Nancy was so quick!! THANK-YOU NANCY!

3) I think when I get to 1000 followers - I will have to send that person a gift! Can you believe that people actually want to follow my little blog? Never imagined that it would get this big. It sure is fun though :)

4) Blog of the week:


Ann has a wonderful blog that she posts on almost daily with lots of pictures of her cute dog - Duke. Plus personal posts about her life. It's one of my favorite blogs to visit :)

5) Got another Valentine Swap gift in the mail last week:

This one came from Cat! She has an amazing BLOG and a really really wonderful SHOP on Etsy! THANK-YOU CAT!!

6) In December I decided to have a craft show blog. The idea was to host 3 craft shows during the year. The first one would start on March 1. However 2 weeks before it was supposed to start blogger deleted my blog as spam. Lucky for blogger - there is no way to contact anyone.

So I had to start over. Got a domain, lost some of the shops that were going to join because of all the confusion, but a few stuck with me. The show can be found at Please stop by if you have a minute & sign the guest book so I know you dropped in :)



  1. What a great list you came up with. I would love to participate in a cookbook swap!

  2. I draw a writing blank sometimes too! I think a cookbook swap would be an AWESOME idea. Kind of like beads and handbags and can never have enough cookbooks!

  3. You came up with 5 things..that wasn't so hard ;-)
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Hi Audrey! Stopping by from vacation. I might be interested in your next swap


  5. A dog kennel! What a great idea...I'm a huge fan of dogs. :)

  6. A dog kennel! I wish we lived closer...the ones here just aren't any good!

    Stopping by to show some blog support.

    I'll be sure to check out the craft show site, too.

    Have a good one!


  7. I had trouble today too! You came up with more than I did though! A cookbook swap sounds like fun!

  8. OMG thanks so much for the kind words. You are just so sweet. And Yes I can believe that people want to follow your blog, it's awesome :)

    That sounds like a lot of fun with the dog kennel.

  9. I'm always up for new swaps!

  10. I am not participating in this meme but wanted to tell you and your hubby good luck on the dog kennel. That is a much needed business in our area. We have one and the lady is so good to our dogs. She is wanting to downsize!

  11. I wish your dog kennel was near me. Good luck!

    Really blogger deleted your blog...I have heard of scares me!

    I might be interested in a swap.

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