Monday, March 29, 2010


1) Do you drink tea? I don't as a rule - but I have caught a cold from all the sniveling, coughing, sneezing children on my bus. I think I'm going to put a sign up at the front that says something like:
If you are sick - STAY HOME!!
I'm sure the kids would be happy - but probably not the parents :)

Oh - back to the tea!
When I have a cold I like to drink tea. Picking a tea used to be easy! There was only one kind. Now when I went to the grocery store it took me almost 10 minutes to decide which ones I would like to take home! My goodness!!! I picked these two:

I really like them both. Might have to become a tea drinker, instead of coffee, so I can try all the other ones too. I know - there is flavored coffee - but I don't like it. Coffee should be black!

2) Blog of the week:

I just found this amazing blog yesterday! LOVE her banner and the variety of posts that she has. Definitely adding this to the sidebar :)

Bright, Bold, Beautiful

3) Well - the snow has melted in the garden, but I still have about 2 months to wait till I can plant anything. We have some of the seeds with more in the mail. My flower boxes are looking pretty bare, but hopefully I can plant those a little earlier. The deck has sun most of the day, so as long as we don't have frost at night it might be safe. Usually I purchase flowers at the green house, but this year I'm planting seeds. Might have to invest in some fertilizer though.
What are you planting this year?

4) Have all the paint stripped of the wall in my craft room and all the paint chips vacuumed up. What a mess!! But I'm glad that's done. There are some really stubborn spots where the paint just won't come off - so it's staying. Hopefully today or tomorrow we can start working on fixing cracks and holes so that I can paint by the end of the week. I hadn't planned on showing pictures of the room at it's worst (2 posts down), but figured if I didn't - you wouldn't know how much better is was once it was done :) Still need to find light fixtures and paneling.

That's it for today! We have spring break this week, so it's going to be a busy one. Hoping to get a lot done in the craft room and we are also putting in poles and fencing for a dog run for the kennel.
Hope you all have an amazing week!



  1. Two more months - I'm not sure I would make it this year. I'm ready for warmth and being able to be outside without a coat.

    I love tea (found out I can't drink coffee anymore). My favorite right now is homemade "friendship tea" with a taste of orange, lemon and cloves. We sampled some at an arts and craft fair and come home, searched the net and found the recipe.


  2. My last house had flower boxes and I do so miss them! They really add such life and color.

    I am so confused by tea. I want to be a tea drinker so bad but I get overwhelmed by the options!

  3. I love tea, but they don't have my favorite (Orange Pekoe) in the US!

  4. Ugh, I've been sick, too. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. hmpf...i'll have to come back and see this post again...none of the pics are showing up.
    oh well.
    aside, i'm in the same boat-a good two months till stuff can go in the ground. my house is already filling up with stuff for the greenhouse (hope to start heating that in may)! and i have all my seeds...

    i'd have it all growing already if i could.

    happy monday and break!

  6. I was always a tea drinker until about a year ago when I took a liking to coffee. There are still times though that a good cup of tea really hits the spot.


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