Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Recycled Bags!

Don't you love bags? I do! :) Found this amazing shop that makes bags from recycled materials - what could be better?

I am from Seattle and moved to Portland about a year and a half ago. I started my business because I love to work with my hands and create things (I have always been 'crafty') and I thought that this would be a good way to use a business degree. As for the name of my business, I am not certain that I put a tremendous amount of thought into that, I guess that I "just opened my mouth and out it came". I decided on the name about four years ago.

After I moved to Portland, I was struck by the emphasis that people here placed on recycling and sustainability. I think that being in this environment motivated me to start to make my purses from 100% recycled materials (until then I had been making them from some recycled clothing and some fabric that was brand-new)

I have a fetish for pinks, browns, and purples. I find that I put a LOT of these colors into my purses, lol. I guess that they are 'my colors' but I try to use other colors as well for those people who like blues and oranges, and yellow, and red, etc.

I think that creating is just something that I like to do! If I haven't been working with my hands for a few days, I will find myself thinking about a new quilt that I want to make, or something that I like to bake...I do a lot of crafts independently from my purse business, MegExpressions. Also, I enjoy papercraft.

I think that I like the "Nikki Dodd" and "Jo Bean" purses the best. I think that this is because they are very simple yet elegant and functional purses.

Yes, I have a blog...www.megxpressions.blogspot.com

I really enjoy the blog www.myyearwithoutspending.blogspot.com, about Angela who has decided to go for one year without spending money on items other than the basic necessities, and then has blogged about her experiences.


  1. Definitely some very funky looking bags there :))

  2. Why can't I ever think so creatively? Very neat!

  3. Those bag's are adorable!
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  4. I love them, but then what's not to love, they are cute and made from recycled material

  5. Very sweet bags.....and eco friendly!


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