Wednesday, October 28, 2009

B.A. Kid Again

B.A. Kid Again is a shop with Glow in the Dark Ornaments!! These would look so cool on a tree, though Carla has many that could be hung around the house all year. There are many many different ones to choose from, so please check out her shop!

How did you come up with the name of your shop?
I bought the business and the name from a friend that was retiring and going out of business. I love the name so she said I could keep it since she was done with it.

Tell us about your workspace.
I have a few pictures on my website . I have an 8 foot by 40 foot storage area that used to be a soap lab but is now storage. There are storage drawers for cut fabrics in my dining room, fabric totes that are uncut in my living room, my office desk has unfinished projects and a vinyl plotter on it so I can make my own signs and banners. There are other
supplies in my bedroom and closet as well.

Where do you create or work?
I am blessed in the fact that I can take my fabrics with me just about
anywhere I go and cut them out. (There are times when I will help out friends at our local flea market and you'll find me there watching their booth and cutting out fabric. I also have a travel bag that stays in my car just because, lol.) To sit down and make the ornaments themselves I sit on the sofa or at the computer desk.

Do you have your own space or has it
taken over the entire house?
It has moved into almost every room in the house. (Only rooms not affected are the kids 2 bedrooms, bathroom, and the laundry room.)

Where do you get inspiration from?
Take me to the nearest fabric store and turn me loose. If it's a new place that I've not been to before, be prepared to be there for a few hours, l

Do you have a favorite item that you have made?
I love making personal photo ornaments for people because I know they will be treasured for years.

What’s your supply addiction; is there a specific color or type of supply you just can’t pass up?
Did ya see where I said I use fabrics? I have over 1,200 yards of fabrics and still want more. I have a few friends that give me their scraps that they can't use as well.

Have you made anything that you just can't bear to part with?
I have a few ornaments that I will not sell. One in particular I spent over 3 hours making and gave it to a friend that has it in the center of her collection. It was of Cinderella and her coach pulled by horses made in a 4 inch ornament because a friend told me there was no way I could get THAT to work, lol.


  1. oh how cool that they glow in the dark!.. easier for santa to fin his way to the tree to leave the gifts! ;)

  2. really cute! Love it
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  3. You had me at glow-in-the-dark!! These are absolutely beautiful, and her interview was fun to read. :-)

  4. I agree you had me at glow in the dark as well!

  5. ooo what neat ornaments! i'll have to go browsing a bit more! thanks for sharing!

  6. I'd love to have a crafting room to add stuff on to...I should sometime next year!Great cards their adorable!!!


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