Sunday, October 11, 2009

Inspirational Sunday!

I was just at this blog and she has the most wonderful inspirational story! Please head over and read! Wonderful Sunday Lesson.

Found this great cartoon at Christie Cottage. (click on it for a larger view)


  1. I'll go check it out!

    I hope you enjoy a wonderful, relaxed Sunday!

  2. Thanks for sharing the cartoon from my blog I received it in an email and it is so worth sharing over & over!

  3. That cartoon is so true. Too bad most of the time we can't see it that way.
    Headed over to check out that other blog now.
    Have a great night

  4. heading over to her blog now...thanks for sharing ;-)

  5. Wow! That's awesome! Quite a message in that. I heard someone on the radio say, in light of eternity, our "suffering" here on earth will look like one night in a bad hotel. Kinda makes ya think, eh?
    Thanks for posting, that was great!

  6. Audrey, Thanks for sharing my button and blog. I love reading and posting inspirational stories. Love the cartoon. Have a great day. Audrey


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