Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Papillon Jewelry

Papillon Jewelry is an amazing jewelry shop. Tho Dihn is from Vietman and has had her shop on Etsy since the beginning of May. Tho uses wonderful beads to make earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. She also has a BLOG that she updates daily.

#1. How did you decide on your shop name?
"Papillon" means "butterfly" (French), which symbolizes "CHRIST'S RESURRECTION" in Christianity. Hence, this shop was named "Papillon" to celebrate this joyous event and my new life in Him. This name came to me around Easter time, when I was sitting in my parents' garden and saw a beautiful butterfly. Also, my preference for eco-friendly packaging also reflects this "resurrection" theme since by making recycled envelope and card, and use fabric wrapping, I "revive" the material and enables my customer to do so, too.

#2. When did you start crafting?
For as long as I can remember, I've tried every craft I could get my hands on. Origami, painting, scrapbooking,card making, flower arranging, crochet, knitting,etc. However, I only came to acceptance and appreciation of my artistic side later in college when the overwhelming amount of schoolwork made me realize how my craft was truly my oasis and my creative outlet :). Since then, I took my craft more seriously and eventually started PapillonJewelry.

#3. Are there other crafts you would like to try?
I would definitely try soap making. I'm very thankful for soap makers. Their products are amazing "pick-me-up" which not only smell great and make us feel clean and fresh but also look like a true work of art!

#4. What or who inspires you?
Fruit and Flower. Living in a tropical country with tons of wonderful fruit all year round, I enjoy observing many vibrant color combinations, different textures, shapes and forms of the fruit (beside eating them. Yum! :) Plus, since I love flower arranging, I also have a keen ideas for flowers, it different shades of color, the well-balanced structure and lots of delicate detail. Those are the things that inspire me a great deal in jewelry making.

#5. Do you have a day job?
My "day job" (with no pay!)is being a junior hair stylist, meaning I'm still in school for hair styling for another 6 months. I'm all about making a woman beautiful, can't you tell? :)

#6. What is the item in your shop you enjoyed making the most and why?
I enjoy making my "A trip to the wood" Necklace the most. Here it is:
It is not necessary difficult to make. Its vibrant color combination is really fun, and there are lots of movements and textures as well. Plus, it is both sophisticate and almost childlike at the same time. I'm still a child at heart, and making this necklace really brought back lots of beautiful childhood memories.


  1. Great artist with beautiful jewelry :)

  2. Ooh, I really like the black beauty ring.

  3. I love the way she came up with her store name! She has a wonderful store :)

  4. Wow what funky and beautiful pieces. They are like little bits of art! Fantastic feature & interview :-)

  5. Very cool stuff, and thanks for sharing the interview. I always like learning more about people.

  6. It's Tho Dinh from Papillon Jewelry. Thank you all for your kind words! Please feel free to mention "Audrey's Country Crafts" for 15% OFF your entire order :)

  7. The designs displayed in your post are very beautiful and unique. Its hard for me to decide which one is better.

  8. She has very interesting jewelry pieces! I love the necklace with all the different round beads...Very vivid and unique.
    Great interview!


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