Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Back!!

It's so good to have the internet in my home again. It's like finding a long lost friend! Having access to the internet only 3 hours a week sucks. I've only entered 3 give aways, responded to a few emails & not been able to visit some of my favorite blogs for 3 weeks now!
I finally had to make the decision to change high speed internet providers. I've heard really good things about thie company I'm with now - so keep your fingers crossed. Having the internet costs $5/month more now - but at least I have it!!
So how has everyone been? It's been relatively slow here for the most part, whick is good. Logan is finished Grade 11 now, and has to have his finger in the splint for another 2 weeks, it's not healing as fast as they had hoped. Luke is still enjoying designing parts fro Fire Trucks. Brad is working long days, and tired when he gets home. So weekends are time to catch up.
Two beavers built a lodge on the side of our pond during the winter. Rascal likes to pounce on it until one of them comes out. Then she barks at it. The beaver will swim up to her, turn around & splash her. It's quite funny. They can play like this for an hour some days.


  1. Yay, You're back!

    That is just so cute that your pup and the beaver play together like that.
    You should video tape it :)

  2. The lake looks so cooling! I would want to play in it especially with such hot weather here now.

    Glad you have your internet connection back. I know, it must have been a nightmare. lol.

    Have a great weekend~
    Rheea ;)

  3. Welcome back! I for one, missed your blogs!!

  4. wow.. that is a huge dam! i have yet to spot a beaver... one day!

  5. I'm so glad you're back and that your internet is working again! That must have been so frustrating. Those photos are beautiful! I hardly ever get to see deer where I live, haha. I just put your button on my blog, so I can visit everyday and see real wildlife, haha. Only kidding, we have some animals where I live too. My blog is...
    Stop by some time! Have a lovely day Audrey!

  6. yay! so glad you are back in business! having no internet can be such a frustration! keeping fingers crossed its fixed for good for you now!

  7. I'm so glad your back to the e-world *hugs* the beaver story is hilarious! I hope you have a great weekend of happy catching up :)

  8. I know the feeling! It's so frusturating not having proper Internet access. That seems to happen a lot when I'm back home. Glad you are back on!


  9. Yay for internet!! I would literally die without my internet. Or at the very least eat myself sick >.<
    That is such a cute picture of the little beaver and the pup!
    Too funny :D


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