Monday, June 15, 2009

Random Tues

I know that it's only Monday - but my internet is working for a few minutes. Thought I'd post this in case I don't get to the library till tomorrow afternoon.



1) Found a new site where you can "play" with your pictures Picnik. Tried it out on the picture of my ornamental tree. The tree needs to be pruned - it's getting a little wild.

2) If you are Canadian and have a shop on the internet - here is a free place to advertize: Indie North

3) Son 2 starts exams on Thurs. They have them Thrus/Friday, and Mon/Tues. I never did like exams, glad I'm done. Logan will be quite happy when they are over.

4) Hubby needs to sell this truck. Anyone need/want a 1998 Dakota RT? It goes really fast!!

5) Apparently my internet works when it's windy. So could everyone blow this way please?

6) Made rhubarb pies on the weekend. What a mess. They leaked in the oven.

7) Please check out the etsy mini's on the sidebars. They are all NEW shops!!

8) Also please enter the Give Away mentioned above.

9) Have you been to this blog?

10) I bought this awesome trivet from Desert Sky Quilts. I love it and will display it on my table for all to see! Donna did an awesome job!!


  1. *Blowing in your direction*

    Your husband's truck is pretty cute, do you think he'll be sad to see it go?

  2. Yay for the wind, here's some more for ya!

    I want your hubby's truck, that's nice :)

    Emmm, I want Rhubarb pie...

  3. Your Hubbys truck looks good for its age. He must be like my Hubby and Son. They just love their trucks. They are Ford Men.


  4. #5 -- giggle :-) How long until you are all fixed up for good?

    Those pies look fantastic, I can smell them from here!

  5. Hey, If I was near you that truck would be mine :D
    I have always wanted a truck and we do need another car!
    Those pies may be messy, but they look absolutely yummy!!


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