Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bag Give Away

While going through my storage room, I came across a box of scraps from my quilting days (well - I had plans of quilting). After looking through the box I decided to make a bag from all the red scraps. After I was 1/2 way through I noticed to small boo-boo's.

1) The small polka dot square was supposed to be in the middle.

2) the edge of the fabric is showing - you know that part that you should cut off or at least hem deep enough it doesn't show.

So here is the plan. I've started a thread on Etsy and the person to make the 1000 comment on that thread wins the bag.
Oh - measurements!
Bag: 13" x 12"
Strap: 3 feet end to end
It has one pocket inside.

Here is the thread to enter:


  1. What a pretty bag, I've made the same mistake, with the edge of the fabric...
    And such a fun Idea! I'm off to the thread now!

  2. Pretty bag! I call them "bargain Bags" at my outdoor shows. They usually sell first!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I have a blog award for you.

  4. Sweet bag! Love the combinations of colors! Btw, thanks for the award!!


  5. I love this bag. Funny that the maker always concentrates on the imperfections and everyone else just notices the great colours/design/uniqueness etc!

  6. I think the mistakes make it more fun!! I have done the same, and I really like your idea of giving it away!! :)

  7. Mistakes happen, love how you turned it into fun. And its great!


  8. Adorable! I love thread killer giveaways...sadly the only threads I ever kill are the ones that I don't get anything from in the end other than the shame of knowing that I killed it!!


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