Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tile Me Beautiful



Tile Me Beautiful is an amazing shop on Etsy! I would love to be able to create such beautiful items. Michelle is from Spring, TX and has been on Etsy since March. She has an really lovely BLOG that she updates daily.

#1. How did you decide on your shop name?
I was thinking really, really hard about it and I couldn't think of anything good enough. It went on for days. Then one day I was being sarcastic and mouthy about something (imagine that...) and I said, "Well color me surprised." And it just popped into my head. Tile Me Beautiful. See? Sarcasm serves a very important purpose! :)

#2. When did you start crafting?
About 2 months ago. This just kind of happened all at once and I threw myself into it.

#3. Are there other crafts you would like to try?
I like working with beads also. I'm not good at coming up with jewelry concepts, but I make beaded serving utensils. Beads and tiles are two things I could stare at in the store forever.

#4. What or who inspires you?
Anything I can stick tile on inspires me. You'd be surprised how many things could actually be tiled. I tile just about everything in my head. Not sure if anyone but me wants to live in a completely tiled home, but hey, maybe I'll find my tiled soulmate :) Also going to the tiles store and looking inspires me. I love to see all the colors, patterns, and designs. Seeing all my options makes things come together.

#5. Do you have a day job?
Not at the moment. Getting close to the point when I'm going to have to get one though. Hopefully not for a few more months. I'm a good budgeter!

#6. What is the item in your shop you enjoyed making the most and why?
Probably my first piece. It was a serving tray done in browns and bronzes. I was so proud of myself because it came out wonderfully. It was the moment I realized that I could actually be good at this. That's a moment that sticks in your head.


  1. Nice feature on a wonderful artist! I have just added you to my blog roll.... Keep up the good work!

  2. that round tiled mirror is my absolutely fave! It's gorgeous -- nice feature!

  3. What lovely work, great find!! And yes, that mirror is really special. :)

  4. Nice interview. I love her tile designs. Great job.

  5. Wow, gorgeous work in her shop! I can see why Michelle wants to tile everything, she is fantastic at it! I hope she is able to get a whole bunch of sales & find her tile soul mate (that made me giggle :) Great feature!

  6. Great gallery at etsy.com about tile to create one of a kind pieces.

  7. Wow ... beautiful tile work!!! Great feature Audrey!

    How are you by the way? We are heading down to the Kootney's tomorrow with the RV for 5 days! Yay!!!

  8. Wow, she does beautiful work! Thanks for sharing, and as usual great feature!!! You are awesome!

  9. Thanks for featuring me, Audrey! You're such a sweetheart!

  10. She does an amazingly beautiful job on her tile art!
    Thanks for sharing :D


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