Monday, June 8, 2009

Random 10 Tuesday

1) I got these wonderful dish cloths from Handmade by Angie. I've used them already and love them! She also sent along this wonderful Olive Oil soap. This is the first time I've tried olive oil soap - it's really nice!! Angie hopes to get it into her Etsy shop soon. She is also offering free shipping on any orders this week! Just mention "audrey's country crafts blog" in the "notes to seller" portion of checkout.

2) Have your read "Vision in White" by Nora Roberts? It's a really good summer read, and part of a quartet series about 4 friends. The next book comes out in Dec., my that is a long time to wait. What are you reading this summer?

3) I finally put some new recipes on my recipe blog Audrey's Favorite Recipes. They all have rhubarb in them.

4) Our dog found this baby robin hopping around on the lawn. Luke rescued it after we tied up Rascal and took some pictures.

5) Looks like we will have record breaking low temperatures again this week. What happened to Global Warming? Who ever came up with that does not live in Manitoba Canada!! We also had the coldest winter on record.

6) Please enter the new give away for: Soap & Lotion

7) Only 3 more weeks of school!! The local high school has their last exam on the 23rd, the elementary schools go till the 30th. I am really looking forward to summer holidays.

8) Got the garden tilled last week and planted the asparagus. We plant the rows far enough apart that we can till with the 5 ft tiller. I really don't like weeding. These are my 3 rows of corn and the tractor with the tiller.

9) Is anyone going on a trip some where this summer with the family?

10) That's it. I had started a list on Friday for this post - was up to #8 - lost the list, had to start again. I know I'm forgetting something. Hmmmm.


  1. Hi Audrey!

    I love your blog!

    I'm not traveling anywhere this summer, but I am reading a lot! I'm currently reading a book I received from an author in England to write a review for his book. It's called Sherlock Holmes and the Underpants of Death by Chris Wood. It's quite entertaining so far! I think you can find it on amazon.

    Thanks for sharing the pic of the robin! It's cute!

  2. Well I hope your weather warms up enough to get your corn in...This has been a really strange Winter and Spring...Last week we had was in the low to mid 90's unusual for this part of the state this early...

  3. Wow, school gets out late there! When does it start back up again?

  4. Lovely packaging!
    Many news You have! I have to check your recipes' blog! (I'm very greedy! XD)
    Have a nice day!

  5. Those cloths are wonderful! We use my crocheted disch cloths and I have a special facecloth I made just for me :)

    We aren't doing anything special this summer. School's already out and the little one will be off to day camp in a couple of weeks.

    I planted corn, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce, but my little space is probably 1/10 of what you have going on! It looks wonderful and happy growing :)

  6. That bird is adorable! With his little feathers sticking out on the top sides of his head he actually reminds me of my husband's grandfather lol. Totally cute!

    Love Nora Roberts, will pick that up thanks!

    We are going to Hershey, PA to see two of my favorite musicians and to have fun in the chocolate river!

  7. Thanks for featuring me. Love the robin photo. He really is a young thing.

  8. hope you had a good weekend! that poor little baby bird! what did you end up doing with the little guy??

  9. Temps are very low here as well. I would be happy with about 25 and sunny. That is all I ask!! LOL

    Your garden looks great. So jealous of your vast amounts of land:)


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