Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Blog Shoppers


This is hosted by Quilts Galore and More. I think it's a wonderful idea!! You can sign up to participate on the blog. Pick an item from your shop to feature, and people will come check it out, maybe even purchase it!

I love magnets!! You should see my fridge :) Oh wait!! I have a camera - let me go take a photo so you can see what I mean!

Sorry the photo's are so dark, but it's 6am here - the sun isn't even thinking about shining yet.

We purchased this fridge almost 3 years ago and hubby was really hoping for a fridge that magnets didn't stick too - lol. No luck. Maybe on Monday I will have to show you some of them up close and tell you where I got them. Hmmmm.

Because I love magnets I've started making them and selling them in my Etsy shop. Just listed some brand new ones yesterday. These wonderful designs are printed on thin magnetic sheets. They are so much fun to make and really look great on my fridge too :) Poor hubby.

I just couldn't decide what to have for sale this week on the Saturday Blog Shoppers - so my whole shop is on sale!! The Coupon Code is: BLOGSHOP for 20% off anything! Just enter the coupon code at checkout.
Happy Shopping and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I have to say Audrey...I think my fridge has more magnets!!! enjoyed reading your post!!! Oh! and awesome coupon! I might just have to take advantage of it!!!

  2. I love your magnets! They look super cute!

    And my sis-im-law has so many magnets! She outgrew the fridge, and now she has a metal plank in the kitchen wall full with of magnets!

  3. Stainless steel fridge won't hold Magnets apparently.

    Gotta post my satuday sale too

  4. I love your magnets! You have so many cute designs in your shop.

  5. those are great magnets, love the caffeine one

  6. "Husband Of Wonder" would really love the Chocolate Magnet..Those are great.

  7. Looks to me that you have LOTS more room for magnets - Smile.
    Do you have any idea where to get them - Smile. I love your magnets also.


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