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Feature - Beautiful Hand Stamped Jewelry

I love personalized items. Giving one as a gift actually lets the person know you where thinking about them, not just picking something up at the last minute. Personalized jewelry is one of my favorite things. Here is a really amazing shop I've got to know on Etsy.

*Where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself.
I have been married for a little over a year. We bought a house in April and we have spent the last few months fixing it up. I have had mostly retail jobs and I would love to be able to stay home and create all day. Interesting facts about me, I recently trimmed my hair. It now hoovers 3 inches above my ankles. I'm incredibly short with very long hair and my husband is incredibly tall with hair. We are opposites attract. I love music. I love that our new house has a music room and we can play the many guitars and drums and I have my own room for all my jewelry and crafts. I usually get along with just about anyone. I love to make new friends and learn about people.

*How did you decide on your shop name?
I was sitting there pondering about what I wanted to call my shop. I knew I wanted to get into doing more with Metal and there was some name that I tired and it was taken. So I thinking along the lines of descriptive words and I came up with Metal Adornments. Really it works for supplies, for any accessory's and my hand stamped metals and anything I choose to do in the future. I love that it tells you what my shop is.

*Why did you start your business?
I have been struggling with many health issues over the last few years. I always have loved making new things. I remember I just had surgery and I had to have some bed rest and I kept thinking what am I going to do? At the time my aunt let me put some my stuff I had made at her salon and I love that I could create things that women wanted to wear. This was amazing to me. I really didn't seem to have to much of an interest in the sparkly jewelry type of style. I am more bohemian, and didn't want to be under that label of wearing girly jewelry. So it amazed me that I started making jewelry and people wanted to wear it. That made me feel so good. Just the idea of seeing someone get excited about a gift or little things I make.

*What are 5 things you want people to think when they see your product?
I want people to think of special occasions that they can personalized that special hand stamped charm to give for a wedding or for a birthday. Think of memories and keepsakes. Think about family and the people you have around you. I want people feel like they can express themselves with a little individuality.

*What’s your supply addiction; is there a specific color or type of supply you just can’t pass up? 
I have a ton of charms and flower beads. Although.. just seems to be supplies. I have a ton of scrap booking stuff and I have only ever done 1 page. How sad. I have a ton of charms and older necklaces. I have a ton of candles. I like to mix it up and have a collection of things.

*What do you do when you’re not being an artist?
I enjoy spending time with my husband. Watching movies and spending time with the telescope or camping. I love to spend time with my family. I like to go down to the physical therapy pool when I can find the time.
I enjoying getting lost at the library. I think my favorite is to stay home by a warm fire and a nice warm cup of chai.

*Which item in your shop did you enjoy making the most and why?
I have a lot new personalized charms that I don't have listed yet and my garden markers. I love that you can express yourself and make it so unique. I love hearing the stories behind each custom order. The mother who wants to encourage her daughter to try out for medical school with charm to remind her of who she is. The daughter giving her mother the gift of remember she is a mother to 4 children and no is quite as special as she is.

*If you could give a piece of advice to a new shop - Remember to have fun and be creative. Don't get your hopes up. When you do nothing, you see no results.

*Are there other places on the net we can find you?
I like to add updated pictures to my facebook. I love to share stories to my blog that I am just staring to get together. or follow my blog for updates and giveaways! -


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  1. What an unique idea, lovely shop!

  2. What a lovely blog about your art and who you are! Thank you for a wonderful read. K.

  3. I was given wine charms using this technique and I love them. Great interview!

  4. That's a magnificent variety of packages you're offering. Your packages are indeed affordable, but have somehow maintained at keeping customers satisfied.


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