Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Etsy is making me Angry

First they take away the forums, and everyone is scrabbling trying to find a place to promote their shop.  Now someone has started a "TEAM" that should run the way the forums did.  Good Idea - I think it will work - but all this moving is making me dizzy!!!!  I'm to old for Change!!!

Sales have gone down the drain since the forums closed, But I still keep listing items in hope of a sale.  Am I crazy?  Might have to stop for a bit.  Can't just keep listing and spending money with no returns. 

So here are my new coasters that I listed this morning. Will probably be the last listings for a bit, though I might change my mind by tomorrow :)

Oh - and a new magnet:

How is your day going? Only a couple of days until the weekend! Can hardly wait :)


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  1. I love the little green Monster Magnet!!

  2. Those coasters are wonderful! I love them!

    And yeah, Etsy keeps on changing things around and pissing people off, but they're still my first stop to shop for handmade goods...

  3. Your coasters are really cute. I'm trying to figure out how you got a picture of me with my mornign coffee though. lol

  4. LOVE the coasters! You're not alone about Etsy. I'm sorry to hear your shop is suffering because of the changes. I'm trying to figure out what to do too!

  5. What was their reasoning in taking away the forums? That seems so dumb!

  6. Did the general public go to the forums? That is something that I have been wondering, my business has mainly come from people just browsing on etsy, and not those that are etsy savy...

    Nice items Audrey btw

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  8. those coasters are great. that first one is beautiful.
    The more I read about etsy the more I think it's just not something I want to try and get in to, sounds too much like

  9. I'm sorry Etsy has to fix things that aren't broken. That seems to happen a lot. Windows 7, for instance. Anyway, your tiles are so pretty!! Stop by for a laugh!! ~karen


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