Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Artfire - Front Page!!!

I joined Artfire in 2009, but kinda forgot about my shop there after 4 months, since nothing was happening. With all the upheaval at Etsy, I re-opened my Artfire shop about 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday I made a "Coffee" collection - decided to to my first collection featuring one of my favorite addictions :) There were a few comments this morning on my collection that they saw it on the Front Page!!!! I wish I'd seen it, that's amazing!!

Here is my collection - they are really great shops, stop by if you have a minute.

Hope you all have an Awesome Hump Day!!


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  1. That's an awesome collection Audrey! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations on your great coffee collection making FP!!!

  3. It reaaly is a stunning, eyecatching collection, Audrey. No wonder it made front page!! ~karen

  4. Audrey - this is a cool collection - thank you for sharing with us. You always make things look so easy. I have to check out Artfire.

    Hugs - Marie

  5. It's a great collection! I'm not surprised it was on the front page! I'll have to check some of those shops!

  6. That's beautiful! I love coffee too. Congrats on the front page. : )

  7. That is a beautiful collection! Congratulations!

  8. Girl you know I love that coffee theme!!!
    Glad you reopened your ArtFire. I find it simpler then Etsy...

  9. Just love the coffee theme especially since I've turned into a total coffee addict :) That is one fabulous collection.


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