Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Weather

This is our weather for the next few days.  Monday the rain started, it's very wet here :(  

Good thing I didn't wash the school bus last week, it's a mess now. 
Do you see what's supposed to happen tomorrow?!!  I can't believe it.  That would really suck - I'm not ready for snow.

Just for reference:  0C = 32F  and 50kmh = 31mph


  1. Oh no!!!!

    It's too early for snow!

    Just tweeted all yor items from the Twitter TRee for today and posted them on the BnS too! Gotcha covered! LOL

  2. Where do you live Audrey that its that cold....brrrrrrr, we in San Diego think that if its below 60 degrees its cold, and then if its higher then 75 or so we think its hot, spoiled or what?

  3. Brrrr... I'm glad we're not that cold yet! Lower temperatures are around 6ºC and still get to the 18ºC in the middle of the day if it's sunny...

  4. That is just a wee bit chilly. We've got snow up the mountains but none in the city... yet.

  5. I'm not ready for snow either! We've been comfortable weather wise and that's fine with me!!! :)

  6. For your sake, I'm hoping they're wrong!

  7. Oh yuck, that's awful. It's too early for that snow to start flying. I hope the weather man is wrong.


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