Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday Feature - Getting Ready for Winter

I live in Manitoba Canada, where winter is really really cold.  Luckily it's a dry cold (or so they tell us).  We can get our first snowfall as early as October or as late as December, we just never know.  Usually it's all gone by May.  When I have to get onto the school bus at 7:30am and the wind is howling with temps of -40 I need items that will keep me warm.  Here are a few that I found that would really help me.

You can find this amazing SUPER SOFT Red Scarf - Cowl at Lori Looms. She has scarves and fingerless gloves in a variety of colors. This is my favorite and would go great with my winter jacket.

I've never tried fingerless gloves, but I think I might have too. While searching for something to purchase for Logan's girlfriend, I decided that some fingerless gloves in pink (her favorite color) would be great. I ordered them from Baby Nest. She didn't have them in pink, but bought the wool and had them made just hours after I asked about them! Amazing!! Can't wait to get them, might have to order a pair for myself.

Last but not least - a hat is needed to keep the brain warm and running :) Sweater Nana has this really cute hat! I can just imagine the looks I'd get from the kids on the bus if I wore this - let me tell you - it's tempting!

If you happen to have cold winters - check out these wonderful shops. They definitely can help you stay warm and cozy.


  1. You gotta wear the hat. It's great!

  2. These are such beautiful items, great choices.

  3. Those are some nice knitted items!

    Wow it gets cold there, oh my it was 80 degrees here in San Diego today, cannot believe it gets that cold, you better bundle up!

  4. You have to get the hat - it is so you! Interesting the temperature differences influence the fashion items. I made several cowls and had my daughter in San Diego try them on: 1) she had no idea what they were 2) she didn't like the idea of all that around her neck 3) why would I waste my time making something that no one ever heard about. LOL (and don't even get me started about what she thought about my fingerless gloves)

    Hugs - Marie

  5. LoriLooms is sponsoring the current giveaway on my blog. The prize is fingerless gloves/armwarmers You can enter here

    BabyNest is on my BnS and she has some cool baskets!

    >>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Today's Twitter tree is here


  6. Lovely items! I love me some fingerless gloves! I use them to drive, cause I don't have the same grip on the wheel with the woolly fingers, and also for my photography, for the same reason!

  7. Well my kids would love that hat!
    Happy Friday!

  8. Love the hat!!! I'm not looking forward to the cold weather!

  9. Ooh you keep reminding me why I'm an ex-Winnipegger! Stay warm!

  10. I love that cowl. I actually found a crochet pattern recently for something similar to that and have been meaning to try and make some for Christmas gifts.
    Winters here are pretty cold and unpredictable but I think you have us beat

  11. oh and I think you should go for the hat :) It's cute


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