Saturday, October 9, 2010

Luke's New Winter Jacket

Luke mentioned the other day how I always seem to mention Logan on my blog, but he doesn't seem to be on it much. He is on my give away blog quite often though, but apparently that's not the same.

Yesterday evening Brad and Luke went to the local Farm Supply store to see what was left from their all day garage sale. The store is way more than just Farm Supplies, they have bbq's, lawn furniture, shoes, boots, plant pots etc. And they also sell work clothes and FXR brand jackets.

Luke needed a new jacket for the 1.5 mile walk to College each day in the winter. At -40 he takes the bus, but most of the time he tries to walk. He found this jacket on sale for $75, it's regular price was $200. 

Guess what country we live in :) It's obviously left over from the olympics, but it's insanely warm and long. Should keep him from freezing on the way to school.



  1. Yep, Luke looks ready for that walk to school alright! Nice & toasty.

  2. You can't beat a deal like that!! Way to go Luke!!!

  3. That really was an awesome deal!! And holy shitzu, -40ºC?????? *shivers just thinking about it*

  4. Cool jacket! Uhhhh..Canada??? LOL

    Tell him we love him too and we know he exists! He's just not the "baby" :-)


  5. What a great deal he got on that coat. That looks like it should keep him nice and toasty on those walks.


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