Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feature Friday - I Love Pigs!

We used to have pigs on our farm - long story as to why we don't any more.  But I LOVE pigs!  They are really wonderful animals even if they do smell a little :)

I found two really wonderful shops with PIG items!  Unfortunately the first items are sold :(  But they sure are cute and the shop is really amazing!  These were in the Tom Roche Woodworking Design Shop. Do take a look around his shop though - if you love wood - it's a really beautiful shop.

The second pig is from Cuppy Cake. She use recycled pop cans to make magnets! Have to have this one!!!!!

I have a fondness for Coke - my family thinks it's an addiction, but what do they know :) You can also find the most wonderful Christmas ornaments made from cans too - will have to do some shopping I'm thinkin'!

Please check out both shops and show them some love!


  1. I love piggys too. The magnet is my favorite.

  2. So cute! I love that Coke piggie! I'll have to check her shop for sure!

  3. I think pigs are really cute too! I always thought it would be fun to have a pet pig, but my husband doesn't quite agree with me on that one.

    These pigs are lovely! I hope Santa brings you a coke can piggie magnet this year. ;-)

  4. Cute pigs and wonderful shops!!

  5. I'm a pig lover too !
    Same as you, we once raised them and I do miss them. They really are very smart animals.

  6. That little Coke pig is darling!

  7. Now those are my kind of stores! ;-)
    Love the Coke pig

  8. Tom's work is grat! I got an owl from him for a gift and will be getting a coffee cup hsaped coaster soon too!



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