Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rainbow Metals

Dvora has an amazing metal shop on Etsy. Rainbow Metals has the most wonderful magnets, jewelry, items for children and more. This is a very unique shop!

My name is Dvora Schleffer. I live in a small village in the north of Israel. I have been crafting ever since I can remember myself. I started making jewelry when I was a teenager and never stopped. My "RainbowMetal" store in a new adventure for me that I just started about 2 months ago. I have been making sterling silver and gemstones jewelry for many years under the name "DvoraSchleffer". I wanted to try something different, with more colorful and fun items. I also ventured into non-jewelry items for the first time with small home decor items like magnets, pictures etc. Since my name "DvoraSchleffer" was already taken by my existing store, I came up with "RainbowMetal" which I think reflects the essence of the store - colorful metal.

I have a small studio at home where I do my crafting. I have several working areas in the studio for all my different crafting needs. My work process is made of several stages. First I plan my designs. I make several sketches until I decide on thoise I like. Then I decide on the techniques I am going to use. I actually have several different techniques that I use to make my rainbowmetal items. After that I make the design and see if it works as planned or if it need any changes on the way. I am not addicted to any supplies, I love experimenting and trying new things all the time. I am however addicted to tools! I have a wide selection and I have a list of many more tools I would love to get. So in answer to what would I add to my crafting space I would say - many cool tools and more space so I'll have room to put it all!

My favorite piece is the cute giraffe painting. I had fun venturing into non-jewelry items for the first time. I got to decorate rooms and not just people; I got to work in different sizes and different techniques than those I am used to. The paintings for children's room were especially fun to do, and this giraffe painting is my favorite. It turned out so much nicer and cuter than I had expected.


  1. I just love the giraffes. I've been collecting them for my son since he was a baby.

  2. The giraffes are adorable!

    Audrey, you always find such wonderful shops to feature!

  3. very cute!
    Lets exchange buttons, You take my MADEJUST4you button and i'll take your country crafts!

    sound good?

  4. Wow, What cute stuff! I love it. =)

  5. This metalwork is outstanding. Love the giraffe and the colors the artist is able to achieve.

  6. so cute, what a wonderful development from jewlery!

    keep up the good work!

  7. The giraffe one is so beautiful & sweet :) I like it! I'm off to "heart" it in Rainbow Metal's shop. Thanks for sharing.


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