Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sweet Magnolia Designs

While searching Etsy for shops that might be willing to have their Mini's on my sidebar for the Month of December - I came across Sweet Magnolia Designs. Cathy has the most amazing wreaths! Guess what! All her Christmas Wreaths have FREE shipping now! I know you will find one you love :) Please check out her shop, and show a little Christmas Love!

My name is Cathy Dingman and I live in Fort Madison, Iowa. I am 49 years young and have been crafting, decorating, painting, and drawing ever since I was a little girl. I guess you can say it's in my bones.

For a number of years I owned a home interiors/gift shop by the name of Sweet Magnolia. For medical reasons I had to close the business. So as so many things in life, I was handed lemons, so I choose to make lemonade. While running my business, the amount of time I had to creating had become limited, so now I get to dedicated most of my time to doing what I love most, CREATING.

I dabble in many types of crafts. However floral arrangements and wreaths are my favorite. I also spend a good amount of time doing oil and watercolor painting, along with pastel and charcoal drawing.

Decorating is another passion of mine. I use to do this as part of my business but now I have limited it to working for family and friends.

I have a studio in my home. I converted a spare bedroom into an arts and crafts space. I don't let many people into it because it is too cramped and usually a MESS. Every now and then I will take the time to straighten and clean. I would love to invest in more storage units for the studio so that it would be easier to keep things organized. I also would love to have another studio room so that I can have one room for my crafts and one room for my art.

The item in my shop I enjoyed making the most is the hand painted wood Christmas sled, mostly because It required so many of my creative juices to make. I had to make the sled from wood, stain it, paint it, and add a floral piece.


  1. Wonderful. I just love that wreath, it is so beautiful.


  2. I love the "blessings" wreath because it is very flowing and abundant, and seems to transcend all traditions, in favor of one great big celebration of winter and life.

  3. What a gorgeous shop! I love the wreaths and the vintage magnets are wonderful.

  4. lovely wreath. we just hung ours on the weekend, but its not as nice as those ones.

  5. Those wreaths are so elaborate! The free shipping is a great deal too, because I can imagine that it might cost quite a bit to ship them. Beautiful work!

  6. beautiful wreaths! I also voted for you.......Melinda

  7. Thjose wreaths are GORGEOUS !!!! Great find : )


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