Monday, December 14, 2009

Polls - I Need Help!

Well I finally finished all the ornaments for my bus students, and packed the little bags with the ornament, microwave popcorn, card, individually wrapped life savers and some Hershey Kisses!
Made 48 bags of goodies!! That was a lot of work :)

So now it's time to move on to other things, like swapping and give aways! I have two polls on the right sidebar. If you could vote - I would really appreciate it. The first one is for another swap and the second one is for a give away I'll be doing.

I would love to give away one of these blankets starting possibly next week. But I just can't decide which one to do! It would be really helpful if you would vote on the sidebar and help me decide. Click on the picture to go to my listing and you will be able to see more pictures of the blankets.

#1: Raspberries

#2: Birdhouses

Thanks so much for all your help!!

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  1. Audrey, You have been busy... I voted. Beautiful Blankets. Audrey

  2. That birdhouse blanket is a beauty!!! I thought it was funny that I voted in the minority on the "when do you want the next swap?" question. I thought Easter seemed more of a "swappy" holiday, but clearly, it's just me :)

  3. I want the birdhouse one - my FAV :) Cute!

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  5. I voted. I love the birdhouse blanket!!


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